The best retro style kitchen ideas

There is something about the look of American diners from the fifties that makes the atmosphere in the kitchen so cheerful and nostalgic.

Jul 26, 2022 - 18:22
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The best retro style kitchen ideas

If you also aspire to this kind of space arrangement, here are some suggestions that will help you achieve it.

Square floor

The basis of any retro look reminiscent of kitchens from the fifties is a square floor. But not just any kind, but necessarily black and white! You can repaint a wooden floor in this manner, install ceramic tiles, or even linoleum with the pattern in question.

Cupboards and shelves in pastel colors

Mint green, baby blue, or powder pink shade will transpose you into a designer time machine. All you have to do is paint the cabinets, shelves, drawers, and other similar surfaces in your kitchen with one of these colors.

Details in red

Besides going perfectly with the black and white square floor, red is exactly the color that contributes the most to the diner look of the fifties. Some of the appliances in the kitchen can be in this color, such as refrigerator, stove, kettle, kettle, toaster, mixer... Also, red dishes and vases will add that retro touch.

Vintage table with chairs

Create a corner in the kitchen intended for dining. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular and megalomaniacal, because a smaller table with a couple of chairs will be quite enough. In order to remain in vintage style, let the table and chairs be made of aluminum, and the seat part and backs of the chairs must be covered with colored artificial leather.

Bar stools

Round bar stools with red leather are synonymous with the fifties. If you have a bar or a large isolated work surface (so-called "island") in the kitchen, place a few chairs like these for a special atmosphere.

"Old" refrigerator

A refrigerator that looks like it came straight from the fifties will bring a special charm to the kitchen. This implies a different shape, a specific handle for opening, and of course no white color. Don't worry, today there are many such new refrigerators, which only imitate the retro ones.

Mini jukebox

If you can afford a mini jukebox, order it online, and it will surely become the main attraction in your house, not only in the kitchen. Everyone who comes will be delighted as Elvis' voice blares from the jukebox.

Post by: Rinna James