The crazy life of Eartha Kitt

Orson Welles once stated that Eartha is the most exciting woman in the world.

Jun 27, 2022 - 11:14
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The crazy life of Eartha Kitt
The famous Eartha Kitt, the legendary American singer, actress, and activist, was known for many things. She had a specific voice and many talents, and she did not allow strict social norms to limit her in her search for happiness. She lived life to the fullest, and Orson Welles once stated that Eartha is the most exciting woman in the world.
The most exciting woman on the planet is expected to do everything passionately, so Eartha was like that in love: she loved many famous men, and they adored her. However, even the biggest fans were surprised to hear about her experience with the two most desirable actors in the history of Hollywood, and Eartha did not hesitate to talk about it in public.
As the singer admitted, the legendary James Dean and she occasionally saw each other behind closed doors. Their love may not have been the most romantic, but it was full of passion. Our love just happened. I became his close friend and taught him how to behave on stage. We were like a spiritual brother and sister” - said Eartha in a documentary about an actor who died very young, at only 24 years old.
Their relationship took on a whole new dimension when they included another Hollywood favorite of women - actor Paul Newman. For years, there was a rumor among celebrities that Eartha, James, and Paul had a group intimate relationship, and the singer once confirmed that. In her own way, of course! That time in my dance studio is one of the most heavenly experiences in my life” - said Eartha. – “Those two beauties took me to paradise. I never knew that making love could be so beautiful.
However, Newman was an addition to their relationship - it was James with whom Eartha shared a spiritual connection. As she said, they both came from the province, from the village, and they were both thrown into the concrete jungle.
That was our relationship. I came from a cotton field in South Carolina and James Dean from Indiana. We were real villagers. We always felt lost, looked at these creepy tall buildings and realized that we are two tiny people in a huge city” - said the singer. “We didn't like Hollywood. Because he found fame, they treated him like a job, like a piece of meat, an object. Hollywood was no longer nice to him.”
As for Paul Newman, it is known that he spent half a century with Joanna Woodward, who became his wife and the love of his life. His answer to the question of how it was that he never cheated on her, read very simply - "I'll tell you something that will sound shabby, but it's true: I have steak at home, why should I go out for a hamburger?"
As it was later rumored, although James Dean's bisexuality was a public secret in Hollywood, it is not known that Newman had anything to do with men. However, before he met Joanna, it was speculated that Dean and he were very close, as well as that there was something more than friendship between them...
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