The first trailer for Michel Franco's latest film "Memory" is out!

The drama "Memory", presented in the first trailer, will arrive in cinemas at the beginning of January.

Nov 30, 2023 - 16:01
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The first trailer for Michel Franco's latest film  "Memory" is out!

Jessica Chastain lent a hand to a stranger in a situation when he needed it the most in the trailer for Michel Franco's latest film, "Memory". Chastain stars alongside Peter Sarsgaard, and the film focuses on a woman and a man whose paths cross one night at a class reunion.

The film was shown at several film festivals around the world where critics praised the performances of Chastain and Sarsgaard in this drama about family, love, and destiny. The trailer opens on the fateful night when Sylvia (Chastain) and Saul (Sarsgaard) meet at their graduation anniversary.

Sitting alone at the table, Sylvia is already prepared to leave before Saul comes to talk to her. The interaction that was expected to end there continues as we see Saul follow Sylvia to the subway platform and onto the train before appearing in front of her house.

In a moment that could turn "Memory" into a completely different movie, Sylvia decides to approach Saul, and then we learn that he suffers from dementia. Throughout the rest of the trailer, Sylvia emerges and becomes a major player in Saul's life as the pair unravel the past, present, and future one step at a time.

The director of the film is Michel Franco, who also signs the script. "Jessica may be the best actress in the US right now, and I'm not exaggerating when I say she's the best actress in the world," stated Franco. "Memory" made its debut at the Venice Film Festival this year, where it received an eight-minute applause, and the main actor, Peter Sarsgaard, received the award for best actor. This is a film that excelled at film festivals this year but went under the radar. Oscar nominations are expected for the film and its actors.

The film is expected to be released in a limited edition on December 22, while wider distribution will begin in early January 2024. We can't wait! 


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