The Humble One SUV charges energy from the sun while driving

Humble Motors, based in California, has created the world's first solar-powered SUV. The Humble One SUV is still in the prototype stage, but thanks to the incorporation of solar panels inside the electric vehicle, it can use solar energy while driving.

Jun 7, 2022 - 18:34
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The Humble One SUV charges energy from the sun while driving

The electric SUV can replenish its own battery for a daily range of 16 to 95 kilometers. The Humble One was created to be the most sustainable car on the planet, with a full-length solar roof, semi-transparent windows with solar panels, and a cutting-edge 80 kWh battery.

Depending on where you live, the Humble One can provide up to 11,260 kilometers of driving every year. When the sun isn't shining, the battery has a range of 400 to 480 kilometers. When free clean solar energy is available, Humble One captures it using integrated solar panels and transfers it to the battery, allowing it to charge while you're driving or, worse, trapped in traffic.

Toyota has shown portable, replaceable hydrogen tanks suitable for cars

Toyota has developed a working prototype of a portable hydrogen tank, which might make the alternative energy source more practical for daily usage. The concept is comparable to the propane tank concept, which allows customers to replace tanks fast and simply as needed. Toyota estimates that a single tank might provide enough energy to power a normal home microwave oven for 3-4 hours. The canister was created in partnership with Woven Planet Holdings, a subsidiary.

It is approximately 40 cm long, 18 cm in diameter, and 5 kg in weight. The automaker has stated that the majority of hydrogen produced today is derived from fossil fuels and used in oil refining and fertilizer manufacture. However, the corporation expects that in the future, hydrogen will be produced using low-carbon methods and employed in a broader range of applications. Toyota has not specified any specific applications for their hydrogen cartridges, although the accompanying drawings suggest use in vehicles, drones, motorcycles, and even mobile device charging.