The new age of television is coming

You will nostalgically regret the world when you went to the cinema and watched public television and your budget was not constantly on the verge of collapse.

Dec 27, 2021 - 17:42
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The new age of television is coming

At the end of the year, the blockbuster "Spider-Man: No way home" dealt a big blow to streaming platforms, which could only be seen in cinemas, but not on small screens. That’s why it achieved the third-best opening of all time as cinemas - despite the limitations imposed by the coronavirus - proved to be still the places with the best film offerings.

A lot has changed during the pandemic, first of all, the fact that you no longer have to wait three or four months to watch the latest movies on your TVs, but it also depends on the country in which you live. 

In America and somewhere in Western Europe, companies like Disney offer their hits at the same time in cinemas, but also on the "video on demand" service where you pay a price that is very similar to that in the cinema. Elsewhere, you have to wait 15 days, a month or a month and a half until you can order a movie that interests you on your TV, but that depends on the contracts of big Hollywood companies. 

Last year, when it seemed that the coronavirus would never pass and that cinemas would remain closed forever, an extreme solution was offered that premieres were held on television and cinemas bypassed but many did not agree to it and preferred to postpone the start of the screening until going to the cinema was the most normal thing. 

The latest James Bond "There's No Time for Death" moved its premiere who knows how many times, streaming platforms offered the producers of that film half a million dollars for the possibility of broadcasting, but no agreement was reached. Perhaps this was not the wisest, the film arrived in theaters in the fall, grossed $ 770 million gross, ranked third on the biggest hits of the year, just behind the two Chinese ("Battle of Lake Changjin" and "Hello, Mom"), will soon remove him from that position by the new “Spider-Man,”.

There are also various other costs so that the sale of streaming platforms would be more profitable, but the producers of the new Bond rightly resonated to deal a fatal blow to their series by selling it to television and making it impossible for audiences to see it in theaters. Suddenly, the mystique that has enveloped the franchise for decades would be gone: its older releases are perfectly fine to watch on a small screen, but the latest one isn't.

Regardless of Bond, streaming platforms have scored important points this year, especially US-based Netflix which produced two megahits, neither of which is in English. The biggest surprise was the South Korean series "Squid Game", which will probably have a second, perhaps even more successful season, and the fifth and last season of "Paper House" has just ended. It will focus on branches and thus capitalize on heroes and themes that have already gained popularity. 

In cinemas, it is very rare for non-English films to become mega-hits but Netflix made a turnaround here. There is something else. Even when you decide to watch a series continuously (so-called "binge watching"), these products stay with you longer than movies that come and go, even when they last for two and a half hours. As if they are talked about more, after all, acquaintances no longer ask you which film you recommend to them, but which series.