The new details about Johnny Depp's trial!

The trial between the famous actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard started yesterday, and many call it the trial of the decade.

Apr 13, 2022 - 17:57
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The new details about Johnny Depp's trial!

The trial between the famous actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard started yesterday, and many call it the trial of the decade. The dispute between the ex-spouses has been going on for six years, and the mass of fans around the world can hardly wait for the epilogue of the drama.

Some details from the courtroom have reached the public, such as how Depp was allegedly violent in his marriage to his wife.

He leaned her against the bar. He threw bottles at her. He dragged on the floor, on the broken glass. He kicked her. He told her he was going to kill her, that he hated her.”- claims Amber Heard’s lawyer, while the actor's PR denied everything.

These fictitious allegations were not made at the beginning of Amber's accusations in 2016, and they only conveniently appeared years later, when she was sued for defamation because she stated in her text that she was a victim of sexual violence. Words are key in defamation lawsuits, and it is interesting that this accusation came only after that. This follows the pattern of her elaborate, false claims that have changed and evolved over time for the purpose of the Hollywood-style shock that Amber has mastered and used a serious social movement to do so”, he said.

Depp's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, stated at the beginning of the trial that Amber tried very hard to win over the actor first, and then she completely turned the story around and started humiliating him.

"Miss Herd is a very problematic person who manipulates the people around her," she said, adding that Amber was prone to physical violence at the time. She threw things at him, hit him, told him that he was a coward, that he was not a man enough because he did not want to fight with her” - Vasquez continued.

Amber Heard’s lawyer also claims that the only culprit is Depp, who is full of anger. "He looked at Amber as his mother and his sister he hates," she said, adding that his anger was fueled by alcohol and drugs.

On the other hand, Camille claims that friends warned the actor about Amber's nature. “She would humiliate him, scream at him, he would try to calm her down. This was constantly repeated. He tried to deal with it by running away, as he had run away as a child, but that would only infuriate her. Ms. Heard equated violence and anger with fear” - she pointed out.

“When the two of them traveled together, his team always booked an additional room so that he had a place to be while she was angry” - Depp's lawyer claimed and added that the marriage counselor described the actress as an aggressive person.

Amber's lawyer claims that Depp hides a huge amount of anger and that he was constantly taking various medications. He also claims that he controlled what his wife wore, attacked her for cheating on him with every colleague, and even asked her not to film sex scenes in movies.

Amber made a mistake made by millions of women before her. She decided to stay and try to solve the problem. She thought she could change it if she could sober it up and clean it up. She tried, she went to a therapist, she went to a marriage counseling” - said her lawyer.