The new HBO Max series 'Julia'

The new HBO Max series shows the life and business journey of legendary American chef Julia Child, the first famous TV chef, a woman who brought American and French food culture together.

Apr 7, 2022 - 05:22
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The new HBO Max series 'Julia'

Biographical mini-series proved to be a hit in recent seasons, so it's no surprise that 'Julia' has also sparked huge interest, and is currently airing on HBO Max.In eight sequels, she shows the life of the legendary American chef Julia Child, the first famous TV chef, and a woman who merged American and French food culture. Julia Child is played by the great Sarah Lancashire, and her husband Paul is David Hyde Pierce.

The focus of the series is on the way in which Child influenced the further television portrayal of cooking, but also the lives of many Americans who, thanks to her, gained insight into a whole new world of French cuisine. The series also deals with topics such as feminism and the development of television. This series focus is on the exciting marriage of Paul and Julia. As always, the most difficult task for directors was to faithfully portray the life of the famous cook, without misleading viewers with their additions or changing what happened in the past. Did they succeed in that?

Was the famous feminist Betty Friedan really a great opponent of Julia Child?

The penultimate episode of the series shows a significant moment in which the cook meets a great fighter for women's rights Betty Friedan. A moment at a dinner in New York remains remembered for the great criticism directed at the cook by Friedan. 'You think you're opening the door to women, broadening their horizons. They may be dreaming of France, but they are stuck in front of a hot stove. How can these women, whom you locked in the kitchen, find time for anything else, let alone for a career? ' he tells her.

What we follow in the series didn’t actually play out that way. Friedan may not have been a fan of the culinary show on television, but a chance encounter at the hotel’s 1963 ballroom was just that. Child never really labeled herself a feminist nor did she want such a title. Nonetheless, the producers of the series wanted to give an insight into the then difficult situation in the labor market for the female population.