The official teaser trailer for the upcoming mini-series "Apples Never Fall" is out!

The mini-series is based on the novel by Liana Moriarty.

Jan 23, 2024 - 13:43
Jan 23, 2024 - 13:54
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The official teaser trailer for the upcoming mini-series "Apples Never Fall" is out!

These days, Peacock released the official teaser trailer for its upcoming mini-series "Apples Never Fall" , which will arrive on the streaming platform in mid-March with its magnificent cast. The series consists of seven episodes and stars Sam Neill, Annette Bening, Jake Lacy and Alison Brie.The series comes from writer, showrunner and executive producer Melanie Marnich in cooperation with executive producer David Heyman. The plot of the series is based on the acclaimed bestselling novel by Liana Moriarty .

“You’re a devoted wife and mom and know everything about those closest to you. But the truth is, everyone has a secret, even you.” - begins the teaser trailer with the voiceover by Bening’s Joy. This is a specific announcement of everything that awaits us later.

"Apples Never Fall" deals with the life of the Delany family, which at first glance embodies perfection. Stan (Neill) and Joy (Bening), former tennis coaches and owners of a successful tennis academy, have recently sold their business and are looking forward to a peaceful and fulfilling retirement. Their plans also include spending quality time with their four children, Lacy ,Brie , Conor Merrigan-Turner and Essie Randles.
Their peaceful life takes an unexpected turn when a young, injured woman appears at their door. The excitement that this event has brought into their lives turns into tension when Joy disappears without a trace, and her children must question their parents' seemingly perfect marriage and uncover the family's most hidden secrets.

Guest stars include Katrina Lenk, Timm Sharp, Nate Mann, Paula Andrea Placido, Pooja Shah, and Quentin Plair.The show is produced by Heyday Television, which is part of Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group

We will reveal the secrets of the Delany family after March 14 , when the premiere of the mini-series "Apples Never Fall" is expected.

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