The Problem with Jon Stewart: A Critical Review

The Problem with Jon Stewart is a new show on Apple TV+ that has generated a lot of buzz in the media world. The show is hosted by the former host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, and promises to provide a fresh perspective on current events and news. However, as we'll explore in this critical review, the show has several flaws that prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Mar 25, 2023 - 16:25
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The Problem with Jon Stewart: A Critical Review


The Problem with Jon Stewart is a weekly show that runs for approximately one hour. Each episode focuses on a specific topic or issue, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the climate crisis. The show features a mix of interviews with experts and guests, as well as comedic sketches and commentary from Stewart himself.

The Good:

Before we dive into the problems with the show, it's worth highlighting some of the aspects that work well. Firstly, Stewart's humor and wit are as sharp as ever, and his ability to find the funny side of even the most serious issues is impressive. Additionally, the show's production values are high, with slick editing and visually appealing graphics. Finally, the show's willingness to tackle complex and often controversial issues is commendable, and it's clear that Stewart and his team are not afraid to take a stand on important topics.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, The Problem with Jon Stewart has several significant flaws that detract from its overall quality. Firstly, the show's format feels disjointed and lacks cohesion. The mix of interviews, sketches, and commentary can be jarring, and it's not always clear how each segment relates to the overall theme of the episode. Additionally, some of the sketches feel forced and fall flat, making the show feel more like a collection of skits than a coherent program.

Another issue with the show is its lack of diversity, both in terms of the guests and the topics covered. While the show has tackled some important issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis, it often feels like it's covering well-trodden ground. Additionally, the show's guest list is predominantly made up of white men, which is disappointing given the diverse range of voices and perspectives that exist in the media landscape.

Finally, there's a sense that The Problem with Jon Stewart is trying too hard to be edgy and provocative. While it's clear that the show wants to take a bold and unflinching approach to current events, some of the commentary and sketches come across as gratuitous and pandering. This can be off-putting to viewers who are looking for thoughtful analysis and insight, rather than cheap laughs or shock value.

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In conclusion, while The Problem with Jon Stewart has its moments of brilliance, it ultimately falls short of its potential. The show's format is disjointed, its lack of diversity is disappointing, and its attempts at edginess can be off-putting. However, for viewers who are looking for a fresh take on current events, and who enjoy Stewart's irreverent humor, there's still plenty to like about the show. With some tweaks and adjustments, The Problem with Jon Stewart could become a must-watch program for anyone interested in news and politics.