BMW's iX concept can change color among 32 different ones

Following last year's CES presentation of the iX idea, which changed its color to one of the many shades of gray, they now brought to the same exhibition the concept of a completely different vehicle with a full palette of supported colors.

Jan 8, 2023 - 17:13
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BMW's iX concept can change color among 32 different ones

Last year at CES in Las Vegas, BMW drew attention by displaying a concept of its iX SUV with a distinctive body finish that could change color interactively.

BMW then enabled its car to take on some of the shades of gray, from black to white, using technology similar to that of e-ink electronic book readers, but also to change them interactively and dynamically. They brought innovative color-shifting technology to CES this year but used it for a whole new concept called BMW I Vision Dee.

The car, which resembles an old Opel Manta more than a BMW, is coated with "chameleon" surfaces. On request, they can change into one of 32 other colors.

The automobile has up to 240 e-ink panel portions, each of which can be controlled independently. According to BMW, this is the first time a car has been totally covered with this technology.

The Dee concept is part of the Bavarian brand's future vision, which is unified under the moniker Neue Klasse. It is distinguished by the total digitization of all systems, from the voice assistant to virtual and augmented reality technology that passengers would have access to.

The front fascia serves as an interactive screen that serves as the car's "face," allowing it to grin at onlookers or display other emotions. "This gives it a fully unique digital spirit," they claim.

But Dee will first draw notice with the color change, and possibly with the announcement video, in which the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger appears.

When it comes to the commercialization of Dee's innovations, it was announced that the first of them, a head-up display that fills the full windshield, might be available in the first cars on the Neue Klasse platform in 2025. Color-changing automobiles are unlikely to appear on the road any time soon.

Afeela: Honda and Sony launch a new car brand

At CES, they also displayed the first prototype of their electric vehicle. It is based on Sony's previous Vision-S concept in terms of design and technology, with its exquisite appearance, clean lines, and unique incorporation of LED lighting elements into the body.

The passenger compartment is likewise digitally enhanced, with a simple design, huge screens, and a truncated "yoke" steering wheel. All of this should give passengers the impression that they are on a spaceship, according to the presentation of the Afeela brand's debut model (which does not yet have a commercial name).

Honda and Sony have announced that their vehicles would be outfitted with new entertainment technologies, augmented reality navigation, video game integration, and a slew of cameras and sensors. In practice, the latter should enable semi-automated driving with level 3 autonomy. It has been announced that level 2 or 2+ will be included in the base package, however level 3 (in which the driver functions merely as an automatic controller) will be extra.

A conceivable configuration with two electric motors and an all-wheel drive has been announced in terms of technical specifications. They did not discuss the power and range that could be obtained with a single battery charge. They have only given the prototype's dimensions. It has a length of 4,895 mm, a width of 1,900 mm, and a height of 1,460 mm, with a wheelbase of exactly 3 meters. The first AFEELA vehicle is expected to hit the market in 2026.

Post by Bryan C.