The Rock no longer wants to defend Joe Rogan

The Rock no longer wants to defend Joe Rogan: "I didn't know what he was doing"

The Rock no longer wants to defend Joe Rogan

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Although he kept his side so far, Dwayne The Rock Johnson has decided to withdraw his support for Joe Rogan after recordings were released. In those recordings, the comedian and podcaster in his show 'Joe Rogan Experience' constantly use racist insults.

First, writer and activist Don Winslow drew Johnson's attention on Twitter to a compilation of videos in which Rogan uses the word "nigger", among other things.

Winslow wrote in his post that for many, Dwayne is a hero, and using his platform to defend Joe Rogan, the guy who used and made fun of using words to the letter N dozens of times is a horrible use of his power.

Johnson thanked him for that warning. He said that he listens 100 percent to what he told, as well as what others. The Rock stated that before his comments, he didn't know about using the word N, but now he learned about the whole narrative. That was a moment of realization for him. He thanked him for the information and wished him a great and productive weekend.
Johnson had previously publicly supported Rogan even after a number of musicians withdrew their works from Spotify, which also featured his podcast. After Rogan apologized to those he offended, the actor replied that it was the right thing and he can't wait for them to have tequila.
Rogan posted a video on Instagram on Saturday about the content of the old episodes, referring to two videos on social media, one in which he utters the word “nigger” and the other in which he compared the black neighborhood to the movie Planet of the Apes.
He apologized and said that sadly there is nothing he can do to get it back. He wished he could. Obviously, that's not possible. He claimed that certainly he wasn't trying to be a racist and he would never want to offend anyone by having fun with something as stupid as racism.
The comedian did not say whether the missing episodes were deleted from Spotify due to the use of the problematic word. 

Recall, The Rock surprised personal trainer Oscar Rodriguez at a special screening of his new film Red Notice. After the screening was over, he revealed that he had also given Rodriguez his own Ford pickup truck. Rodriguez cares for his 75-year-old mother. He is a church leader and veteran of the U.S. Navy that also provides meals and support to victims of domestic violence. He invited fans to a special Red Notice and he wanted to do something cool for all of them.