The secret world of tattoo lovers!

Psychologists discovered that people who have tattoos on their body are different from the others. They are usually more open, fun, kind...

Dec 5, 2021 - 03:34
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The secret world of tattoo lovers!

For years, people have been getting tattoos and decorating their bodies. The appearance of tattoos goes back a long way in history. With the rise in popularity, there is more and more research by psychologists and various experts about tattoo lovers. We are discovering what kind of people get tattoos and what this body drawing means to them.

A recent study of Anglia Ruskin University revealed that those people, who decorated a part of the body with a drawing or text, had three characteristics that significantly differentiated them from those who did not decide on the move. They did this type of research using a questionnaire and applied him to people with tattoos and those without them.

Psychologists concluded that those who decorated a part of the body with a drawing or text have three common features.

1. They are extroverts and more open. Also, they have more energy, they like to socialize and talk. The environment considers them fun and kind. 

2. They are unique. The study showed that people with tattoos need to be unique and different from others. They want to express themselves, their attitudes, thoughts and show their differences and identity.

3. They love different experiences. People with tattoos are more prone to adventures, they are spontaneous.

Many people want to have a tattoo that carries their personal message and has a special meaning and value for them. However, there are a lot of people who get tattooed for a trend or some other reason. It is believed that this division should not be made because everyone should have free choice. Often tattooed people come across questions from people like: "And what does that mean to you?".