These are the worst series of 2022 (part one)

Yes, Netflix leads the way.

Dec 29, 2022 - 17:19
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These are the worst series of 2022 (part one)

Was this a good year for the series? Yes. Was it also a bad year for the series? Also yes. Every year is both, the best and the worst for series because there are so many of them now . But one thing is sure, each of them has an audience.

This time we're going to concentrate on the bad, and if you're wondering, the answer is: Yes, Netflix leads the way.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Marvel is running out of ideas and more and more it feels like a South Park mockery of Marvel. The very title of this series is proof that we have gone too far with this concept and, no matter how watched it is, this is simply not a good series. 

Some will say they are at least trying to do something new and unexpected, but this is more like someone jokingly said "let's put Ally McBeal and the Hulk together", one of the executives took it seriously and the joke just got out of hand. But even in that case, it seems as if all those had too little time to devote themselves to the script and special effects. This has to stop, but we all know it won't.  

The Pentaverate

Mike Myers was once one of the kings of comedy. Whatever he got his hands on would be a success at the box office, even when he wasn't particularly inspired. On paper, "The Pentaverate" seems like a great idea that could be perfectly exploited in an era when everyone is burdened with conspiracy theories. 

However, the result is a show that awkwardly balances the line between a bad copy of something he's already done and a parody, and a sad reminder that Mike Myers lost his "mojo" 20 years ago and never managed to get it back

How I Met Your Father

An uninspired attempt to revive a series that disappeared after the fourth season. If you want an accurate description, think HIMYM, took away the charm, humor, likable actors and traces of originality and you get this pale copy that feels like a copy of a copy of Friends from Wish


Twin/twin thrillers are such a well-worn concept that they should have their own subgenre. But that doesn't mean that you can't get likable trash out of everything, which will never be phenomenal.

Two twins lead a double life until one of them disappears. It seems like something that could be your aunt's show of the year, but even she's not thrilled. Echoes die pretty quickly once it becomes clear to you that even the writers have given up on the idea that this is possible to get out of the tangled mess they've gotten themselves into.  


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