This year's Christmas films and series!

If you are tired of repeating the same movies and series/episodes that you watch every year you are in the right place!

Dec 25, 2022 - 17:59
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This year's Christmas films and series!

We start with "Scrooge: A Christmas Carol". This is an animated Netflix movie. And it's been available for a while, so you may have already watched it, but in case you're still wondering if you should watch another version of A Christmas Story, here's our short summary. So, like "The Guardian", they wouldn't say that the film is a lump of coal, but we don't really have any words of praise. If you don't have something really new to offer with that story, or at least deliver some beautiful visuals that would leave us breathless, then another vision of A Christmas Story becomes utterly unnecessary. You won't fall asleep, although you might skip songs, because this is a musical, you won't really enjoy it either, unless you're the biggest Christmas Story fan ever, so you'll be fine.

And so we have already reached "The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special", which you can stream on the Disney plus platform. It is perhaps the best achievement of these five. Critics rated it as high as 93% on a total of 54 reviews, and viewers gave it 80%. Far from it being in the spirit of Guardians of the Galaxy, and we understand that Gunn wanted to offer more space to characters (Mantis and Drax) who were not as represented in the films as the other Guardians, but the story was left sketchy in this format and it did not have some significant emotional impact. The special is fun but that's it.

The film "Spirited" (Apple TV plus) also left a vague impression on us. Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are the odd couple in yet another version of – you guessed it – A Christmas Story. And yes, this is also a musical, and this time it was more difficult for us to skip the songs, but believe us when we say - skip them because it will be more painless. On the other hand, maybe it's just up to us because the ratings for the film are a very solid 69% from critics and 79% from viewers. In defense of the ratings, we can say that this is an atypical copy of A Christmas Story, so thumbs up for that.

And here we are at the last title of the day, which is about the series "The Santa Clauses", which you can watch on the Disney plus platform. If you have already watched it and enjoyed it, then you will be happy that the series has been greenlit for a second season. Chances are good that if you're a fan of the movies (The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause) you'll be a fan of the series as well. If you're in the Christmas mood, then definitely check it out.


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