Tom Bower finished a book about Meghan Markle

Investigative journalist Tom Bower will soon publish a book about the life of Meghan Markle.

May 17, 2022 - 09:35
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Tom Bower finished a book about Meghan Markle

Journalist Tom Bower has finished writing a book about Meghan Markle (40). He announced that this is a book that will reveal a lot about the Duchess of Sussex and he said that she 'came from nothing and trampled others to get to the top'

Bower stated that the new book contains outstanding information about Meghan and announced that the text will soon see the light of day. 'And I think the public's perception of it will either be confirmed or worsened, but it will be a big surprise anyway,' he said. He says that his interlocutors were very reluctant to talk about her at first, and he claims that her lawyers paid a lot for their silence.

'It's a great story. It's a captivating story about a woman who came from nothing and now is a world figure who has trampled on everyone else along the way, which is classic for people like politicians or tycoons, ' says Bower.