Tom Morello guested on Måneskin's single

Tom Morello guested on Måneskin in the new single 'Gossip'...

Jan 15, 2023 - 18:35
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Tom Morello guested on Måneskin's single

'Gossip' is the final song confirmed for Måneskin's planned third album, which will also be their first following their success at Eurovision 2021.

People are shocked, horrified, and disgusted as they watch the ensemble perform in a glass box. However, it doesn't take long for Måneskin's exuberant and wild performance to convert them all into fans, and the film closes with one massive celebration thanks to a brisk guitar solo by the security guard (Tom Morello).

Tommaso Ottomano directed the video for "Gossip," the single's video.

Speaking about the song in an interview with Rolling Stone, singer Damiano David said: “Gossip means a lot of things, but we chose that title because we think it sums up a lot of the problems our society is facing today. The song generally talks about all the problems with the culture of performance, the culture of perfection, and the culture of aesthetics. Social media puts a lot of pressure on younger generations. It's a critique of that, with a hint of irony."

Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, also spoke about the collaboration with the Måneskin group: "When I heard that there was a rock and roll band from Italy that exploded globally, I said a little in disbelief; 'Really?' Then when I saw them play live, I was blown away. 

They are relentlessly loud, relentlessly sexy, and relentlessly rock and deserve to be one of the standard bearers of rock and roll of the younger generation. I got to play with them at their studio in Hollywood. It's a great band, they all play great, write great songs, connect with their audience in a deep and meaningful way, and if you've seen them play live, they've blown you away as well as everyone in the room."

The album "RUSH!" was produced by Fabrizio Ferraguzzo and Max Martin and was recorded in Los Angeles, Italy, and Tokyo. It includes the previous singles "Mammamia," "Supermodel," and the power pop ballad "The Loneliest," as well as the new single "La Fine," the single with Tom Morello, "Gossip," and eleven new songs.

Måneskin will continue his sold-out LOUD KIDS TOUR across Europe at the start of the year, with the first event on February 23 in Pesaro (Italy).

Post by Bryan C.