Top 10 places for New Year trip - according to experts

It is that time of year when you just need to escape your everyday routine and see some new amazing places. Mulled wine, Christmas city decorations, fireworks, and festive spirit are guaranteed in the destinations we listed below.

Nov 3, 2021 - 11:36
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Top 10 places for New Year trip - according to experts

The following destinations are the top choice for celebrating the New Year for people around the world - according to tourism experts. If you want to take part in the best New Year's celebrations or witness the most beautiful fireworks - you must prepare in time.

The countdown to New Year’s trips can begin, now!

1. Sydney

The main trump card of the New Year's celebration in Sydney is the spectacular fireworks from the port of this city. The Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge provide a perfect background for this show. The bonus is that at the beginning of January, summer is just beginning in Sydney, so after watching one of the most beautiful fireworks in the world - you can swim and sunbathe on the beach the next day.

2. Hong Kong

The specific horizon of Hong Kong is reason enough to visit this destination, and when the New Year's fireworks are added to that - there is no dilemma if you are a fan of fascinating world capitals. Fireworks illuminate the famous Victoria Harbor and are set to "explode" in rhythm with the music being heard.

On Tsim Sha Tsui Square, until the clock strikes midnight, you can be a spectator of theater, dance, and circus spots. While in Hong Kong, you can also enjoy Ocean Park, a favorite place to have fun.

3. Bangkok

The best Asian city for nightlife, Bangkok, is a logical choice for fans of mass parties and festivities. The counterpart to New York's Times Square, Central World Plaza, is the main gathering place on December 31st. Another popular gathering place is the Asiatique Shopping Mall, along the Chao Phraya River.

Anyone who wants to continue having fun after midnight can visit the famous Red Sky Club or the luxury restaurant Sirocco.

4. Dubai

The Burj Khalifa building is one of the most impressive in the world - and that is true during New Year's eve. At 823 meters, it holds the record among the tallest buildings in the world. Of course, the New Year is celebrated with a fireworks display right from it. Another, quieter choice is the Burj Plaza - ideal for a family stay.

As Dubai becomes more and more popular in so-called food tourism, many restaurants have special menus just for the New Year's celebration - among which is the famous Cavalli Club Dubai.

5. Moscow

The famous Moscow Red Square provides one of the coldest, but also one of the most impressive New Year's Eve in the world. The most luxurious way to spend New Year's Eve in Moscow is at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, from the terrace of which you can watch the Moscow fireworks. Of course, when you are already in Moscow, you can visit some of the amazing cultural sights of this city (for example the Museum of Cosmonautics).

Wherever you go on New Year's eve, make sure to have fun and be with people you love. 

By: Helen B.