Travis Barker shows off Kourtney's lacy underwear

The famous couple surprised the public again with a bizarre move...

Jun 21, 2022 - 10:09
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Travis Barker shows off Kourtney's lacy underwear

The famous couple, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, often surprise the public with explicit posts on social networks, but also with vulgar behavior in public, which is why they are often the target of negative comments.

This is also the case now when the drummer of the punk-pop group Blink-182 posted nothing less than a photo of his wife's underwear on his Instagram profile. Namely, he posted her lace panties, proud that his name was embroidered on them. The audience was not thrilled with this, on the contrary. “Too bad, who cares”, “Bizarre”, “Travis Barker is a straight Jeffrey Star”, “This is a new level of border crossing” - shocked users wrote.

Let us remind you that the audience has long resented the famous couple for vulgarities in public, emphasizing that they exceed the limits of good taste. There is almost no photo of them together in which they do not show tenderness and passion, as if they were alone.

Before starting the relationship, Kardashian and Travis lived in the same closed community in Calabasas, California for years and moved in the same circles, so they became very close. Their relationship was written about in 2018 when they were filmed leaving a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles together, but then they claimed that they were just friends, and after that, they could be seen together quite often.

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The couple surprised everyone with a drunken wedding in Las Vegas, after which a big spectacle in Italy was held. This is Kourtney's first marriage, she has three children from her relationship with Scott Disick, and she said earlier that she would like to have at least one with Travis. The drummer from his marriage to Shanna Moakler has two children. 

Kourtney also started the process of in vitro fertilization and recently talked about how difficult it is, but she does not lose hope that she will have a fourth child. She also admitted that she has problems with hormones, which is why she gained a few pounds, but also with depression, and many women sympathize with her.

Post by: Rinna James