Jennifer Aniston on filming in Europe

Jennifer Aniston was in Paris, near Ukraine, a statement that traveled the world.

Jun 21, 2022 - 09:11
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Jennifer Aniston on filming in Europe

Namely, the famous actress gave an interview about a new project she shot in Paris, and the networks were shocked because of her comments about Ukraine! Jennifer (53) talked about the comedy "Murder mystery 2" and on that occasion made a series of weird comments about the war in Ukraine. Jennifer spoke for "People" about the sequel of the comedy from 2019, produced by Netflix, and said that it was difficult for her because Paris is "so close" to Ukraine. The distance between Paris and Kyiv is a little less than 2,500 kilometers.

It was difficult for me, it was a great challenge because I filmed abroad for three months. I have not been separated from my dogs for so long since the beginning of the pandemic. Also, Ukraine is immediately close” - she said and added: “I felt so useless because I was shooting a comedy at the time when the war in Ukraine started. But then I reminded myself that people need just that now. They need comedies, they need to laugh and forget about worries for a minute”, she said.

Jennifer has repeatedly expressed support for Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. It is not known whether she just expressed herself clumsily when she said that Paris was "immediately close" to Ukraine, or whether she really knew how far it was. By the way, with over 30 million views in just three days, "Murder Mystery" broke the Netflix record and became the most-watched film in the history of this platform. After 15 years of marriage, Nick and Audrey finally decide to go to Europe, and, during the summer, they meet an English aristocrat who invites them to come to his rich uncle's ship. During the voyage, a murder takes place on the ship, and Audrey, who loves detective stories, drags her husband into the investigation of this strange crime. 

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