Tricks for the best summer make up!

Even if you have dry skin, you have probably noticed the natural 'glow' that your skin suddenly has as soon as temperatures exceed 75 degrees

May 25, 2022 - 17:34
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Tricks for the best summer make up!

These tricks will help you keep your makeup in place even at high temperatures.

Even if you have dry skin, you have probably noticed the natural 'glow' that your skin suddenly has as soon as temperatures exceed 75 degrees, and if you tried to put on make-up, the make-up probably 'evaporated' during the day, except for mascara. Don't worry, there is a solution for everyone!

1. Less is more

Ordinary days may not require a 'full makeup look', but there are also those special occasions like weddings or events where you want to shine, but not from sweat! In that case, make-up artists recommend that you use fewer products - smaller amounts of serums, moisturizers, and other preparations that you normally use so that they do not dissolve on the skin. Also, if you want to cover some skin imperfections such as pimples, mosquito bites, or blemishes, it is better to use concealer in a targeted way, than to cover the whole face with foundation.

2. Application mode

If a foundation in the form of a liquid is necessary, it is also important how you apply it. Instead of fingers or a beauty blender, apply the foundation with a brush, smearing it in a circular motion, and you can achieve greater coverage by applying in layers. Another option, which is less covering, but will contribute to the effect of a uniform complexion, is tinted cream - a good summer option is one with SPF factor.

3. Waterproof mascaras

Although you probably won't go to the beach with 'full makeup', sweating and sebum secretion on hot and humid days often results in mascara everywhere except on the lashes, and the shadow in the folds on the eyelids. For that reason, great summer variants are waterproof mascaras and eyeliners that are much more resistant to external influences. As for the shadows, avoid creamy textures during the day, and before powdery shadows, you can apply a special primer on the eyes, which will help keep everything in place.

4. Blotting paper

Special thin paper handkerchiefs are a great way to absorb excess fat and an instant way to remove unwanted shine. You can use them during the application of make-up, but also during the day when you feel that your face shines in places where you have definitely not applied highlighter.

5. Finishing touch

Fixing spray or 'setting spray' will hold makeup firmly in place, so it will be even harder to take it off before bed. Although “balking powder” is a frequent item of numerous makeup tutorials, a better summer option for those exceptional moments when it is necessary to keep everything in place is this spray.