Easy money? Kim doubled SKIMS value in 9 months!

Jan 29, 2022 - 06:43
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Easy money? Kim doubled SKIMS value in 9 months!

No wonder Kim and Pete had dinner with Jeff Bezos at his LA estate. They spent a few hours there and they certainly had what to talk about. Of course, we can only guess. Kim already has enough money to use it as wallpapers, maybe even as isolation or soundproofing all of her properties. She definitely has enough to bankrupt a bank or two...or ten if she decides to withdraw all of it at one time, or simply change banks.

Pete’s girlfriend doubled the value of her company Skims, in less than a year, according to a new report

Skims was estimated at $1.6 billion in April last year, now, a new round of financing increased its value to a staggering $3.2 billion. As things look at the moment, Kim is done with reality shows and drama, and is doing some serious business deals and lours in millions in investments. To be exact, her underwear label raised another $240 million. Instead of scandals about sex tapes, she gives interviews for Bloomberg and is joining the third richest person on the Planet for dinner. We know she always had money, but, we must admit one thing, it seems that little Kim Kardashian grew up. She is 41 years old now, and she means business.

The hedge fund Lone Pine Capital, led by  Stephen Mandel, hedge fund manager, investor, and philanthropist, joined with investment firm D1 Capital Partner with Daniel Sundheim, was in charge of the financing round. Imaginary Ventures, Alliance Consumer Growth and Thrive Capital were also included. The deal brought Kardashian and her business partner Grade a retained controlled stake in Skims, following the deal. Kim stated that now her company will be able to focus on innovations and new solutions for their customers and become an even more trusted resource. Her brand will focus on overseas expansion in the future.

Hold on, now it gets interesting

D1 stands for "Day One," a concept pioneered by Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, Inc.

The diner with Jeff does not seem like a surprise anymore, doesn’t it? And suddenly, we all start to appreciate Kim a bit more, as we can be sure that Ye and the childish rumours he allegedly spreads about Kim and Pete, surely were not a topic over diner.

So, you might ask, what do Kims underwear, her business partner, a 102-year-old mineral-based industry-focussed company, and Jeff Bezos have in common? Well, the answer is very simple.


All of them doubled their net worth in the past few years. Nonetheless, they are increasing their wealth as we speak. Let's talk about numbers for a bit.

Kim earns $30 a minute, Bezos makes $142,66 in the same amount of time. According to some sources he makes, even more, it depends on the year, for last year the number was 192$ to225$/min (or up to 3.715 a second.)To put the numbers in perspective, let's say that Kim makes 114000$ in a day, and Jeff makes around $205 million in that time. Kim is now worth $1.8 billion, she became a billionaire at least 5 years ago.

Now, it seems like Kim is going full speed ahead, and we will probably see her net worth skyrocket

Speaking about numbers, Pete makes half of million a month and is currently worth around 8 million. Sitting next to Bezos, it does not look like a lot because the billionaire makes that in an hour. Actually, Jeff makes Petes net worth, plus his monthly salary in 60 minutes, to be exact.


Regardless of the mind-blowing amounts of money, Kim's empire continues to grow. We can also say that for her relationship. Rumours say that Pete is even ditching SNL rehearsals to spend more time with his girlfriend. It does sound very romantic, but NBC even went so far as to issue a statement to shut down the gossip. The spokesman said that no rehearsals have been missed. Nonetheless, sources say that the couple is inseparable and will make every possible excuse to find time to be together.