Tricks that will improve your mood!

Start the day in the best way with a few tricks that will improve your mood. Here is 5 simple things you can do in the morning if you want to be productive all day.

Tricks that will improve your mood!

Photo Credits: Unsplash/Fernando Brasil

There are more of us who are nervous than happy after the alarm rings. Still, there are ways we can make the most of that day good, and studies show that a positive start of the day can greatly affect the rest of the day.

The fact is that the beginning of the day affects the activation system, which changes depending on the information it receives. Surely it is better to think about the beautiful things after waking up than the ugly ones.

Science says that behavior should be easy to repeat and reward well. Just choose one change and focus on it. Also, you need to be persistent for at least a week before incorporating a new habit into life.

Below are the habits you should adopt in order to be happy and productive from the morning. So, let's start:

You have to understand your body

A happy and productive morning routine is one that will turn thoughts in a positive direction. Our advice is to understand your needs and think about what inspires you mentally and physically, think about food, exercise, and what will motivate you. When you decide to choose 4 activities that will stimulate you and include them in your routine.


Exercising, even just briefly, can do a lot for a healthy morning routine. The movement will affect every cell in your body, and it will wake you up mentally and physically. And if you pay attention to breathing and breathe consciously from your stomach during training, count on an incredible dose of energy. In addition, something else will happen. The ways of problem solving and creativity will be activated. 

Eat a healthy breakfast

According to researchers, a breakfast consisting of two superfoods and eating it every morning will certainly improve your mood and increase dopamine production. It is also important to determine which foods give you the most energy. That can be for example avocado or egg, yogurt or porridge. Choose for yourself but make sure that these are quality foods, no junk food.

Take care of yourself

Meditating and keeping a diary of what we are grateful for are just two ways to take care of yourself. Wake up and write down everything you were grateful for yesterday. But other habits, such as preparing your favorite breakfast or visualizing the day ahead can determine what you will be like. The goal is to relax the brain and get the stress out of your head in the morning so that the day can start in the best way.

Do what you love

Start each morning by wearing something you feel good about, styling your hair, and applying makeup. The feeling that we are settled will give "fuel" to our emotions.

Be consistent

If you’ve been watching what your morning looks like for a couple of days but then it happened again that you woke up angry and nervous, don’t give up just keep working on yourself. Once you start noticing that the challenges ahead don’t make you nervous and that you can quickly find a solution to everything and don’t have strong emotional reactions, you’re well on your way to making the day the best it can be.