Twitter now shows views of tweets

Twitter is still in the continual state of testing, modifications, and news that it has become in recent months.

Dec 24, 2022 - 16:00
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Twitter now shows views of tweets

Unfortunately, we have seen enough examples where the tests revealed so little a priori analysis that they became a headache.

The most recent update is that Twitter now displays the total number of views for each message submitted, which we could previously see for our own tweets (known as "impressions"), along with data on user interactions with it, but it is now open to everyone.

Yes, when you access Twitter (if you haven't already) and begin scrolling through the timeline, you'll see that an icon representing a bar graph is now displayed below it, along with the total number of views to its right (which they have now been renamed "reproductions").

Of course, given the nature of Twitter, we've already been able to read responses to this new public statistic that cater to all tastes. 

We also learned, courtesy of a former Twitter employee, that the social network was working on a similar feature several years ago. At the time, the social network's goal was to show users that their messages were not going directly "into the abyss," and that despite the low engagement rate, people were reading what they sent.

After a trial period, however, they discovered that "most people didn't get any views and we had to set some thresholds before revealing it as '0 views' was dismal."

Elon Musk seeks investors for Twitter

You'll recall that almost immediately after signing the purchase commitment, he began to attack what was then the management team. He announced it himself a little time later: force a reduction in the purchase price. At that point, it was evident that Elon Musk was well aware that the $54.20 per share price was significantly higher than the titles' ideal value. In other words, he had not only gotten himself into a purchase he didn't want to make, but he was also paying a price considerably above the going rate.

Twitter opted to sue, and given the less-than-ideal prospects in court, Elon Musk had no alternative but to back down and finalize the purchase on the originally agreed-upon terms, ones that are extremely detrimental to their economic interests. As we have previously stated, anarchy has taken over the management of the social network since his arrival at the Twitter address. From mass layoffs to censorship (indeed, by the hand of the man who became the sursum corda of freedom of expression), to journalists who wrote texts critical of him, everything was done to silence him. Nothing new under the sun, just hypocrisy.

However, Elon Musk is most concerned about his accounts, and according to The Verge, he is currently looking for investors interested in purchasing a portion of his Twitter shares. And at what price are you selling the titles to potential buyers? Yes, yes, at the $54.20 he paid for them. Something that may make sense if he hadn't been making it known for months that he bought way above the ideal price, which does not seem like a sound business approach.

If anyone has made an attempt in recent months to demonstrate that the worth of Twitter is well below the amount paid by Elon Musk to acquire the social network, it has surely been Musk himself. And, perhaps, it will now be more difficult to attract those possible investors to get him out of his financial bind. Another example and there are quite a few, is that decisions on Twitter are made viscerally, which is always a mistake.

Post by Bryan C.