Uma Thurman has railed against abortion laws

The star of the movies "Kill Bill" and "Five Penny Stories" revealed that she had an abortion as a teenager.

Jun 25, 2022 - 15:06
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Uma Thurman has railed against abortion laws

The Supreme Court of the United States of America reversed the decision from the famous lawsuit Roe vs. Wade from 1973, which guaranteed the right to an abortion. According to the verdict, which was passed with five votes "for" and four "against", "the Constitution does not protect the right to abortion".


Abortion laws and restrictions vary from state to state, and now that legal protection at the federal level has been changed, abortion will not be allowed anywhere in the United States. Some states have enacted laws in force, banning abortion as soon as the 1973 decision is reversed. Others guarantee the right to abortion through legal and constitutional amendments.


It should be reminded that this law has already been the target of criticism due to the decision to ban abortion in Texas, and many public figures have risen up against this decision. Then the actress Uma Thurman stood out.

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The star of the movies "Kill Bill" and "Five Penny Stories" revealed that she had an abortion as a teenager and that she wanted to share her experience publicly so that maybe her story would reach some of the girls. 


The law is another discriminatory tool against those who are not economically advantageous. Women and children of rich families retain the right to choose, they do not risk much. It hurts me that the law turns citizen against citizen, creating new predators who turn a blind eye to women who have been deprived of the right to refuse to have children they cannot care for, destroying their hopes for a family they could choose in the future.”


She also said that she terminated the pregnancy because she did not have the opportunity to provide conditions for the child then. Uma is the mother of daughter Maya and son Levon, whom she got married to Ethan Hawke, and she also has a daughter Luna with her ex-fiancé Arpad Busson.


This has been my biggest secret so far. I am 51 years old and I share this with you from the house where I raised my three children, which are my pride and joy. To all of you, Texas women and girls, who are afraid of being harassed by predators, to all the women who are angry because they have been deprived of the right to their own body by the state, and to all of you who are vulnerable and told to be ashamed because you have a uterus, I tell you: I see you. Be brave. You are beautiful. You remind me of my daughters." - Uma Thurman concluded.

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