Watch the trailer for the animated film "Inside Out 2"!

Pixar revealed the first trailer for "Inside Out 2".

Nov 13, 2023 - 17:32
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Watch the trailer for the animated film "Inside Out 2"!

The new animated movie "Inside Out 2" is the sequel to the 2015 animated film "Inside Out." The first film is focused on Riley, an eleven-year-old girl (Kaitlyn Dias), and her five emotions, led by the stars: Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Disgust ( Mindy Kaling), Fear (Bill Hader), and Anger (Lewis Black). In the new trailer, we saw that a new emotion was introduced: Anxiety

The voice cast for "Inside Out 2" also includes Phyllis Smith as Sadness, Lewis Black as Anger, Tony Hale as Fear, and Liza Lapira as Disgust.

When it was first released, “Inside Out” received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, even winning the 2016 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

The big news is that this summer, for all Pixar fans, “Inside Out 2,” is coming. They just dropped its first trailer featuring a new orange emotion, anxiety. Here is another elegant and iconic visual metaphor for understanding own emotions and empathizing with others. Watch the trailer.

What happened in "Inside Out 1"? 

Recall that the action of the film takes place in an unusual location, inside the mind of the eleven-year-old Riley. Like any living being, this little girl attaches the greatest importance to her emotions, which lead her through life, and cause her joy (Amy Poehler), fear (Bill Hader), anger (Lewis Black), disgust (Mindy Kaling), and sadness. (Phyllis Smith).

In the first part of the movie "Inside Out", after moving from Minnesota to San Francisco, the little girl Riley has problems adapting well to her new environment. Coupled with a turbulent growing-up experience, she finds herself in dire emotional straits and eventually risks losing not only her friends but her family as well." Inside Out" follows Joy and Sadness as they embark on an adventure through Riley's mind, where they must figure out how to work together to help Riley settle into her new home and come to terms with the many emotions she's feeling.


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