What's cooking at Paris Hilton's?

Gloves, sequins, crystals, gold, feathers, and many other details that we would not expect to see in the kitchen, but still, we can not deny that some useful tips can be found among them.

Aug 10, 2021 - 16:42
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What's cooking at Paris Hilton's?

Paris Hilton returned to her roots - after the documentary 'The Real Story of Paris Hilton: This Is Paris' in which she revealed the traumas of her teenage days, toxic relationships, and the loneliness she experienced spending most of the year alone on tour, performing in various parts of the world, Paris has once again jumped into the role of a rich blonde who meets the real world for the first time, this time in the kitchen.

The new culinary show Paris Hilton 'Cooking with Paris' is an escapist fantasy about a housewife who is an entrepreneur and DJ Paris, surrounded by numerous staff and catering who rearranges her dining room in a different style for every dinner and it portrays her in a fun way. In her own manner, she prepares for a new role in life - that of a mother, so she wants to replace midnight snacks after going out with preparing breakfast.

The show is an 'over the top' campy blend of sequins (which seem to go in everything - from breakfast to dessert), crystals covering pieces of cooking utensils (good only for the needs of the show, not if we have to clean them ourselves later), gold (edible!), feathers (a regular detail on fashion creations about which no one who has ever cooked would even think of taking them into the kitchen) and Paris’ recognizable phrases like‘ Loves it ’,‘ That’s Hot ’ and ‘ sliving ’.

Paris hosts many famous women in the kitchen: from a former employee and friend Kim Kardashian, singer Demi Lovato, rapper Saweetie, mom and sisters Kathy and Nikki, with whom she tried to prepare some of their favorite or brand new dishes. A guide to the chaos in Paris' kitchen is a handwritten cookbook, full, of course, of sequins and color.

Still, a few helpful tips have emerged from Paris’ kitchen that we can’t ignore: sunglasses can help keep your eyes from watering while chopping onions. ‘Cotton candy is just sugar with character’ (so it can be inserted into cakes as well), cooking in couture will result in great dry cleaning bills, and good lighting always comes in handy (especially if you want to take a selfie in the kitchen). So if you are looking for light entertainment in front of the TV or inspiration for simple recipes that can be prepared by someone without culinary experience, or fashion inspiration for something you should never wear in the kitchen - this could be the right choice.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers