Why are Hermes Birkin bags the most expensive in the world?

It is generally known that Hermes Birkin bags are extremely expensive and one of the most sought-after fashion items in the world. One Birkin bag can cost thousands of dollars at the very least, and the highest price paid for a Hermes bag was $ 379,261.

Jul 24, 2021 - 15:23
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Why are Hermes Birkin bags the most expensive in the world?

There are several reasons why Hermes Birkin bags are amazingly expensive:

They are made of genuine leather

This refers to the finest leather in the world. Considering that the price of such a bag starts at 12 thousand dollars, you can be sure that it is not made of artificial leather. Hermes usually uses calfskin to make their bags.

They are made of top quality leather

It is about the skin of crocodiles, ostriches, goats, and lizards. They are all too expensive in themselves, especially because in many countries hunting these animals is illegal.

The details on the bag are made of precious metals

All locks, buckles, and keys of the Hermes bag are coated with palladium or gold. At one point, palladium was actually more expensive than platinum, but in the meantime, their price equalized. Both platinum and palladium are extremely rare metals. Gold is already too "common", but still expensive. Due to the use of precious metals in production, the price of the Hermes bag skyrocketed again.

They also contain diamonds

Diamonds are usually not a mandatory part of the bag but can be added as an option if someone wants a unique bag. It is clear why diamonds raise the price of a bag.

All bags are handmade

Hermes bags are handmade by a special method that is two centuries old and stems from France. The whole bag, from beginning to end, is sewn, polished, and hand-painted with the utmost care.
Hermes has always said that one of the reasons why these bags are so expensive is that they are handmade. Their production requires exceptional skill and attention to detail. In a sense, you can say that the production process of these bags is an art.

There are no other Hermes bag manufacturers in the world. In this way, we can explain to some extent the fame of this company and the huge profit it has made since its founding.

Almost all bags are limited edition

If you want to buy Hermes Birkin, you should know that these bags are not mass-produced. They are released on the market in series or even as unique pieces. A huge percentage is made to measure and then resold. In some cases, these are even more expensive bags than brand new ones.
But the main idea is that Hermes bags are a limited series, which justifies the price.

A safe investment

Unlike most things, Hermes handbags actually gain in value over time. In fact, the value of the Birkin bag has increased by 500 percent in the last 35 years. That is an average annual yield of 14.2 percent. In 2016, it was reported that there is a record number of Hermes collectors/investors, so there is a huge market for bags, new and old.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers