YOU CAN EAT CHOCOLATE This is the diet with which Adele lost 45 kilograms

If you’ve ever wondered what the diet that Adele lost weight looks like, we have the answer.

Aug 12, 2021 - 18:18
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YOU CAN EAT CHOCOLATE This is the diet with which Adele lost 45 kilograms

In addition to following a special diet, Adele also trained, but her coaches agree that 90 percent of the results are due to diet.

In addition to Adele, the Sirtfood diet has driven some other celebrities like Pippa Middleton and former boxer, David Haye, crazy. In short, the point is to consume foods that stimulate the production of enzymes called sirtuins. Namely, research has revealed that they accelerate the burning of calories, reduce appetite, speed up metabolism and reduce inflammation, which is the key to weight loss. 

Many people claim to adore this diet because foods like wine and chocolate are allowed. Behind Sirtfood are Aiden Goggins and Glen Matten. The diet lasts for three weeks and is divided into two phases.

Phase One:
Limit yourself to three Sirtfood green juices containing kale, arugula, parsley, celery, green apple, lemon juice, and green tea, and one Sirtfood meal. This will allow you to ingest 1000 calories a day. For the next four days, drink two Sirtfood green juices and eat two Sirtfood meals, which will take you 1500 calories a day.

Second phase:
This is the maintenance phase and lasts 14 days. During two weeks it is necessary to eat three Sirtfood meals during the day and drink one Sirtfood green juice. After three weeks there is no plan to follow. If you want to continue, include as many
Sirtfood meals as possible in your daily routine. Physical activity of 30 minutes five days a week is also recommended, although this is not the focus of this approach to weight loss. Sirtfood meals consist of foods that contain the previously mentioned protein sirtuin. These are dates, blueberries, coffee, kale, parsley, celery, green apples, soy, strawberries, chocolate with 85 percent cocoa, and turmeric.

Although there are many who praise this diet, it also has its downsides. Experts say it is quite restrictive.

By ingesting just 1000 calories many people will stay hungry. And if the permitted foods are not on their list of favorites, they could crave food even more. Three weeks of abstinence can lead to overeating, especially during the second phase of the diet, "said Dr. Caroline Apovian.

Also, any diet plan that does not include a healthy amount of protein, such as the first week of the Sirtfood diet, can result in muscle loss and slowed metabolism.

I consider a healthy and balanced diet, which includes proteins, various fruits, and vegetables, as well as whole-grain cereals, to be the healthiest and most sustainable way to lose weight and maintain weight, ”she concludes.

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