Five signs your marriage is in crisis

It's time to be honest with yourself and your partner.

Aug 7, 2022 - 15:33
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Five signs your marriage is in crisis

As the years go by, every marriage will inevitably go through a minor or major crisis. And although it sounds like a pattern, the fact is that love alone is not enough to save a relationship. Sometimes we don't even want to admit the obvious things to ourselves, even though it's clear that the marriage isn't working as it should. Signs that your marriage is in major crisis:

1. Everything turns into an argument

We all argue sometimes, but no marriage can survive if the couple is constantly arguing about everything - from small things to important things. If all your conversations end in an argument, whether it's about preparing food, shopping for groceries, or raising the kids, it's a clear sign that there's something bigger lurking in the background than you'd like to admit. Do you agree on anything?

2. You often fantasize about life without a partner

Most people who have ever been married long enough to forget the butterflies in their stomachs have probably fantasized about the single life at some point. But if you're constantly thinking about living alone, your marriage is in serious trouble.

3. Words without real meaning

Many people say "I love you" out of habit, but they don't really mean it. Maybe they once did, but the love simply ran out... When was the last time you gave or received a sincere compliment from a loved one? If kisses are becoming less frequent, these are more than clear signals that the separation is certain.

4. Intimacy is lost

Another sign that the relationship is dying is the absence of sex or rare intimate moments. You stopped cuddling and kissing. You barely even touch each other. If you and your partner lack any of these things, it will definitely affect your marriage as well as your self-esteem.

Post by: Rinna James