60 years of James Bond

Various props, books, costumes, suitcases and famous cars are offered

Jul 31, 2022 - 11:36
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60 years of James Bond

Christie's auction house is celebrating 60 years of the James Bond film franchise with a two-part auction, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity.

A number of items are offered, and when it comes to cars, the most important is the last film of the series "No time to die". The offer starts with the Jaguar XF driven in the film by the villains in pursuit of Bond and Madeleine Swan. It is expected that it could reach a price of $85000.

Also on offer is the Range Rover SVR, which should reach a price of at least $97000. The Land Rover Defender Bond Edition was also auctioned. This model did not appear in the film but is part of a limited series of 300 copies and the only one with the "60 Years of Bond" badge.

It is estimated that it will generate a lot of interest, and thus possibly a price of $365000. The Defender from the movie set was also offered, which could cost even more.

There is Aston Martin. Particularly interesting is the V8 model, which appears in the film with Craig, and evokes memories of the model from the film "Breath of Death". Enough to take the price up to $850000.

Finally, as a highlight of the offer comes a DB5 replica that was produced exclusively for the filming of the latest movie. It has a modern 3.2 six-cylinder engine and a manual transmission, and despite the damage, it is the most expensive car on display with an estimated cost of changing owners of as much as two million dollars.

Fans with a more modest budget will find interesting items at the auction. Various props, books, costumes, suitcases, and even masks from the movie "Spectre" are offered. The beginning of the auction was announced for September 15 and will last until October 5.

Post by: Rinna James