A travel guide to Frankfurt

A modern city, rich in history and art.

Jun 24, 2022 - 11:35
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A travel guide to Frankfurt

If you belong to a group of people who like to get to know different cultures, customs, construction styles, and try national dishes, then traveling during the winter holidays is a great choice for you. Bring some money, a passport, and a suitcase with the necessary things, and your extended weekend in a city can begin.

Frankfurt - A modern city rich in history and art. In addition to the skyscrapers that are characteristic of this city, Frankfurt also boasts historical-cultural monuments such as the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, which has been considered a masterpiece of Gothic architecture since 1876. An invaluable cultural and historical monument is the church of St. Paul, where the first session of the German parliament was held in 1848.

For all art lovers, Frankfurt offers a museum scene that can rarely be found anywhere. There is also a metro art space in Frankfurt, and works that combine art, architecture, and design can be seen at the Dom/Römer station.

Take a walk along the south part of the River Main and visit the heart of the Frankfurt Museum scene - an art institute that is one of the most important art museums in Germany and represents masterpieces of European art from nine centuries.

Inspired by art history, visit the City Gallery, the Film Museum, and the Museum of Architecture for every recommendation. The art crafts, which are 1,000 years old, are presented in the Museum of Applied Arts MAK - an impressive building by the American architect Richard Meier.

The traditional drink for which Frankfurt and its surroundings are famous, often called the national drink of the state of Hesse - apple wine - is traditionally served in blue ceramic jugs called Bembel, and is available in many pubs and bars in Frankfurt.

When visiting Frankfurt, in addition to this traditional drink, you should also try the culinary specialties for which this city is known: Frankfurt hot dogs - known in the world as Frankfurter, have been served exclusively in pairs since the 13th century, with mustard, black bread or potato salad. 

Don't miss the inevitable coffee candy, which has not been missing in any Frankfurt cafe since 1735 - the famous "Royal Cake - Frankfurt Wreath" - symbolizes the crown with its shape and is a symbol of Frankfurt.

Post by: Rinna James