Amazon's " Reacher" returns to small screens after almost two years!

Amazon's "Reacher" finally got a date for season 2 and the first trailer.

Nov 23, 2023 - 04:25
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Amazon's  " Reacher" returns to small screens after almost two years!

The second season of the action series "Reacher" finally has its first trailer and official premiere date!

A few days ago, Amazon Prime Video released the first trailer and all necessary details about the plot and the release of the episodes. Unlike the first season, which arrived on streaming in February 2022 with all episodes at once, the second season will be presented with the first three episodes out of a total of eight in less than a month, on December 15. The remaining five episodes after that will be added one by one every Friday until the finale on January 19, 2024.

The plot of the second season is based on the 11th book of Lee Child's series about Jack Reacher, called "Bad Luck and Trouble", and everything starts when the favorite police investigator Jack Reacher ( Alan Ritchson ) receives a coded message that some members of his former American secret unit are mysteriously and brutally killed one by one.

Reacher will team up with three more of his former colleagues, Frances Neagley ( Maria Sten ), Karla Dixon ( Serinda Swan ) and David O'Donnell ( Shaun Sipos ), to join forces to fill in the gaps and find the one who betrays them and who is next on the kill list. Reacher will not stop until he discovers the whole truth and protects the members of his (former) unit.

Recall, that Tom Cruise played in the films of the same name, which did very well. Although Tom Cruise doesn't exactly fit the description of a six-foot-tall, super-strong Jack Reacher. But it doesn't matter.

The new season also stars Ferdinand Kingsley, Robert Patrick, and Domenick Lombardozzi. Nick Santora created the series for Amazon and he is its executive producer and showrunner. The first season of "Reacher " is available on Prime Video, and apparently, we only have to wait a little longer for the second season until it premieres on December 15th! We can't wait!


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