Bradley Cooper's face after Botox!

Bradley Cooper stunned everyone by the look on his face in January this year because of Botox, but he seems to have realized he was overdoing it.

May 1, 2022 - 15:20
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Bradley Cooper's face after Botox!

47-year-old actor Bradley Cooper was seen in New York on the set of a commercial for the Tambour watch by the famous brand Louis Vuitton. The actor and director shone in an elegant, blue suit and with a big smile on his face, so many commented that it was a real miracle that he could laugh after undergoing his face with botox treatments.

This became clear in January this year at the SAG Awards when he came to with a completely different face and he could barely laugh. Many have wondered what lies behind such a decision given that Bradley is one of the most desirable bachelors in Hollywood.

The actor also changed the shape of his face, which is fuller due to aesthetic procedures. Some joked that he looks like a doll with huge cheeks, especially when he laughs, but the actor has so far ignored the gossip. Still, he seems to be reading the comments because the latest photos make it clear that his face is returning to normal.

'I think he overdid it with Botox because his forehead glows unnaturally. It is possible that mesobotox was done on the whole face, which also gives it a beautiful appearance, but not as masculine as it was in his best editions. In some pictures, this looks better, but in some, his face is bloated and swollen. This could be a consequence of the interaction of hyaluronic acid and alcohol', the aesthetic surgeon explained to us earlier.

Recall, lately, it has been rumored that Bradley has reconciled with his ex-fiancée, model Irina Shayk (36) with whom he has a daughter Leo (4). Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were reputed to be one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples. They started seeing each other in 2015, and two years later, the crown of love arrived. They had the daughter Lea De Seine. However, to the shock of many, in 2019, love and engagement broke, and the former couple never revealed the reason to the public. It was rumored that Lady Gaga got her fingers in the bond after she made the movie ‘A Star is Born’ with Bradley, but that, too, has never been confirmed.