Check out new "California brunette" hairstyle!

TikTok brings us another trend, and it is a slightly different version of the ombre technique that is achieved with small strands. 

Mar 27, 2022 - 04:30
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Check out new "California brunette" hairstyle!

We all already know that a change of hairstyle occurs when we go through certain changes in life. In moments when we are going through difficult periods, we need something that will make us happy, which is often a change in physical appearance. It doesn't always have to be the case, of course, but sometimes it's just fun to change our hair color!

TikTok brings us another trend, and it is a slightly different version of the ombre technique that is achieved with small strands. This hairstyle is perfect for spring and summer because the strands will be even brighter due to the sun and will look more and more natural over time.

The most talked-about shade is California brunette,  which makes perfect sense because immediately after the first increase in temperature, the California sun makes the hair look much lighter.

The California brunette hair trend originated when one of the prestigious Hollywood hair salons shared a video showing how they use this new technique to lighten their client's hair. The video had more than 4 million views in a short time, and thus TikTok, once again, set a new trend. Users reluctantly accepted this trend and began to share it further, demanding a similar hairstyle from their hairdressers.

Many users have commented that this hairstyle is everything they have always wanted because the strands look much more natural than the ombre technique used to look.

The transition from brown hair to lighter ends is dyed with such precision that it looks like you spent all your time on the beach with tied hair and that because of that your hair became lighter. This hairstyle has become one of the most sought after and that is why #californiabrunette has been one of the most used hashtags on TikTok lately.

It doesn't matter if your hair is naturally light brown or dark brown, tiny strands can be pulled out so that they look like they have always been there. Subtly lightened hair is another name for #californiabrunette. 

Even when you dye your hair dark brown, you can rely on your hairdresser to be able to pull out such bright strands, just as the trend dictates. Under the southern California sun, your hair would look bright and shiny, which is the whole idea of ​​this hair trend.

Natural blondes and girls who have light brown hair find it easier to achieve this sun-kissed look just because the hairdresser can see how the client's hair is naturally lightened by the sun, and then lighten it with a blanch. This hairstyle is perfect if you want to add texture to your hair and define its strands; even thin hair will look thicker.