Cillian Murphy from "Peaky Blinders"

Killian Murphy's Confession: The End of "Picky Blinders" as we know it.

Feb 22, 2022 - 15:32
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Cillian Murphy from "Peaky Blinders"

Murphy, 45, has no tumultuous personal life, or at least not in public. He is not prone to debates or harsh political statements. "Killian is not stupid," said actor Sam Neal, his colleague from the series, "He does not scatter his life. "

"I like to get up and be someone else," says Murphy "What is difficult for me is to get up and be a hilarious or fun person. That was never in the job description and thanks to God because I’m not very good at it. But that is the unwritten rule of the game. You do your job and then you have to go out and perform the role on your way."

If you listened to him, you would think that he was sitting at home all the time, making a strange secret expedition to Tesco, writes the journalist of "The Guardian", who did an online interview with Murphy.

"I really don't go out much. I'm always happy to chat, but I don't like it when people take secret photos. That's so weird. I sat down and people start filming me. I am very happy and privileged with all that, but I think that having cameras everywhere is something we have to solve" says Cillian and adds with a smile: "Or maybe I'm just old!"

After nine years and 30 episodes, the final season of "Peaky Blinders" will soon be broadcast on BBC One. There are plans for a one-off feature film, but as far as television is concerned, that’s it. The drama has become a phenomenon, with millions of viewers around the world, thanks in part to being taken over by Netflix. The look of "Peaky Blinders" - three-piece suits, hairstyles that are long at the top and shaved back and side is imitated all over the planet. And the series is built right around Murphy's character as the leader of the gang, Tommy Shelby.

The story of the origins of "Peaky Blinders" says that when creator Stephen Knight was deciding who would be in the lead role, he received a message from Murphy: "Don't forget that I'm an actor." The other choice was Jason Statham.

Murphy, or at least as we thought of him at the time, was a bit of an "alien figure." He broke through the role of a troubled teenager in "Disco Pigs". This was first done in the stage version, and then in the film adaptation. But he is best known for his work with directors Christopher Nolan and Danny Boyle. He often played scientists: a psychotic villain in Nolan's Batman films, a physicist in the science fiction thriller "Sunshine" Murphy was a subtle and charismatic actor, but he was not the first name that came to mind for the murderous gang leader.

"Nothing really made Cillian an obvious choice," Stephen Knight once said, adding: "But we knew he was interested, so we invited him. What Murphy thought in that message was that when he entered the room, he was not Tommy Shelby. But he can become him. He completely inhabits that role. That's awesome. Now it is impossible to imagine anyone else playing it. He values ​​privacy very, very much. As a friend, he is open, kind, and smiles. However, I think that if you are in the center of attention, you must have two personalities. One is when they watch you, and the other is when you are an ordinary guy, like him."