Crazy stories that followed the "Don't Worry Darling" movie

The production was accompanied by so many crazy stories, scandals and gossip that in the end, they overshadowed the film itself.

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Crazy stories that followed the "Don't Worry Darling" movie

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It's hard to say whether all of this was just good PR in the end, but the production and promotion of the hyped "Don't Worry Darling" was accompanied by so many crazy stories, gossip, and events that in the end there was hardly any talk about the film itself.

And once the first, mostly lukewarm reviews were published, the film, which was described as boring, unoriginal and only moderately competent, promptly went into oblivion.

It had a short run in theaters after its premiere in Venice, earned a mediocre 90 million dollars at the box office, and has been trending again since Max appeared on HBO a few days ago.

But even if he turned out to be sensational, he would hardly have had more chances with all the juicy gossip that followed him.

First, Shia LaBeouf stormed off the set in the middle of filming, and weeks later he and Wilde argued over whether she drove him away or if he left on his own. After that, a scandal broke out with the main actress, the otherwise excellent Florence Pugh in the film, and insiders reported to the tabloids that Wilde and she spent their days on the set mostly yelling at each other. A real scream fest, as they described it.

And then Harry Styles "happened". The planetary rock star who plays the main role in "Darling" apparently slipped into the already broken marriage of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, which the comedian could not come to terms with, and the whole thing exploded when their nanny told the media that he threw himself in front of a car Wilde's when she went to dinner with Styles.

For days, the world was amused by the recipe for adulterous salad, the same one that Wilde brought to her new boyfriend while Sudeikis lay on the road in front of her. However, he got his revenge on her nicely by handing her divorce papers while she was presenting her new movie live on stage at Comic-Con to a crowd of people. And just the scandal in which Styles allegedly spat on Chris Pine at the film's premiere in Venice?

What a show! However, when all those layers of scandals, problematic production and crushing reviews are peeled away, in the end, in fact, you have to admit - "Don't Worry Darling" is not a bad movie.

It is an unusual combination of a love drama and a sci-fi thriller with a big twist at the end, and as such it was a risky genre bet from the start. 


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