Dave Bautista takes a look at his career!

Dave Bautista reminisces on his career.

Dave Bautista takes a look at his career!

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In the latest interview the Guardians of the Galaxy star had with the UPROXX, he talked about some of his past movies, and the one he said paved the way for him might surprise everyone!

When you hear the name Dave Bautista, your thoughts are most likely to connect him with his iconic role of Drax the Destroyer from a popular Marvel Universe franchise Guardians of the Galaxy, however, Dave said that his most prominent role or the one which most influenced on how he is viewed by Hollywood was his role as Sapper Morton in Denis Villeneuve‘s Blade Runner 2049.

He explained that it was an opportunity he waited for because he almost never gets offered roles like that one. He continued by saying that people could never see past his physicality and that he kept telling people that he wanted to better himself as an actor, he wanted to drama movies, but everyone would just giggle at him.

Not even his agents could understand the direction which he wanted to take with his acting career.

He also added that he thinks that the role he had in Blade Runner paved the way for his career and it helped him build a relationship with Denis Villeneuve.

“I think there are still some people, maybe not so many now, but I think there are still some people, at that time, who didn’t really know me,” Dave continued. “Who might not have even thought that I was capable of doing a job or playing a part. There’s a bad stigma that comes along with professional wrestling and I think sometimes people are worried about bringing that to their film set. They don’t know if I’m going to be an arrogant pr–k or I’m just going to be Mister Full-of-Testosterone and come in and just be kind of a d–k on set.”


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By: Nitza – Gossip Whispers