DJI Action 2 - Action camera

Mar 23, 2022 - 17:22
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DJI Action 2 - Action camera

Most users recognize DJI as a maker of great drones, but its portfolio also includes numerous stabilizers for cameras or mobile phones, as well as cameras. He joined those action DJIs approximately two years ago with the Osmo Action model, which had the same fundamental concept and proportions as GoPro cameras.

It did, however, include a pair of color displays on the front and rear, as well as very good recording quality. However, the uniqueness takes a completely different - and, it must be stated, one-of-a-kind - turn.

The camera is shaped like a flattened cube and has dimensions of 39 x 39 x 22.3 mm, making it only slightly larger than the lens. There is a 1.76 "OLED touch screen on the entire back.

A multifunction button is located at the top, and there are two microphones on the front and right. A magnetic hinge and a pair of folding washers secure the camera to the holder before separation, such as in the event of a fall. The camera is always available in one of two configurations: Power Combo with an extra battery or Dual Screen Combo with extra battery and selfie touch screen OLED.

A microSD card slot, a USB-C charging port, a speaker, and a second multifunction button are all included in both add-on modules. Except for touch contacts, the grip is the same. Modules can also be purchased separately, however, only one at a time can be linked.

It's a shame the manufacturer doesn't offer a passive module with just a battery that could be fitted between the two and extend the endurance, for example, when recording extended timelapse videos. However, who knows… However, even with this setup, the shooting endurance is 160 or 180 minutes with a battery module.

The camera snaps and clicks as you move it closer to the holder or module. The magnets guarantee that it is correctly turned so that the dual-screen module is always in front.

Aside from the camera and module, you'll also get a holder with a ball head and a tripod thread, a reusable sticky holder, a holder with attachment to conventional GoPro accessories, a holder with a neck strap, and a USB-C cable.

The camera has a 1 / 1.7 "CMOS sensor with a resolution of 12 Mpx, F2.8 lenses, and an angle of vision of up to 155 °. It can record video in 4K / 120p resolution, and full HD video in 1080 / 240p resolution. Up to 4K / 60p also includes superb electronic stabilization, which has four levels: off, standard, rock steady, and horizon steady.

Rock steady stabilization works beautifully and makes you feel like you're filming with a gimbal even when walking or driving, the tilt of around 30 degrees up to 4K / 60p The camera also includes a quadruple digital zoom.

DJI Action 2 may also be operated on its own, however, it only has 32 GB of internal memory and a battery life of 60-70 minutes. You will memorize approximately 27 minutes if you utilize 4K / 30p. On the plus side, even in this mode, the camera has no recording format limits, so you can easily film in 4K / 120p.

This manner of use, however, is only appropriate if you need the camera to be as compact as possible. We mostly used the camera in conjunction with an additional Dual Screen module.

Please keep in mind that the camera can only download films and photographs from its internal memory over Wi-Fi. After connecting to the module, you can copy the media to a microSD card and, after connecting to a PC through USB-C, download it directly to the computer, while two memory units are visible.

You can stream video directly to the Internet when connected via Wi-Fi or USB-C. In addition to the module, the sound recording camera features four microphones that are also responsible for noise suppression. The sound output is adequate. If that isn't enough, the manufacturer includes a DJI MIC set that includes a pair of wireless mics.

The receiver connects to the computer via USB-C. Surprisingly, the camera is water-resistant, so it does not interfere with shooting in the rain or immersion in water; however, the modules are not waterproof; the maker provides an optional immersion case.

The camera produces a good image, but when the lighting decreases noise increases. The issue is caused by the camera overheating, especially at higher resolutions. It can work for roughly 7 to 10 minutes at a temperature of 25 ° C and a resolution of 4K / 30p. Because it is an activity camera, it is believed that it will be put outside on vehicles such as cars, bicycles, helmets, and so on.