Who is Ben Affleck's brother?

Today he attracts attention with scandals and a girl he could be father to.Casey Affleck, the brother of famous actor Ben Affleck, was photographed by paparazzi on the beach with a twice younger girl.

Mar 23, 2022 - 17:11
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Who is Ben Affleck's brother?

Actor Casey Affleck has often been in the shadow of his older brother Ben, but in recent years he has become increasingly the focus of public attention, both for business success and for his love life. Namely, the 46-year-old actor is currently in a relationship with twice younger Caylee Cowan, and the couple does not hide how much they enjoy spending time together. So photographers recently caught them on a beach in Mexico, and the young actress looked amazing in a plaid red and white bikini.


A few years ago, Casey Affleck was at the center of a scandal over allegations of sexual harassment, and the same year his ex-wife Summer Phoenix filed for divorce from the actor. Casey and Summer were married and they have two sons. But his current girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind his past, and the couple looks happier than ever. 

Recall, stories related to sexual abuse by several women were launched in 2010, and the actor was never convicted.

Producer Amanda White sued Casey for $ 2 million, alleging that he forced her to show her his penis, spoke insultingly about her age and fertility, and tricked her out of a hotel room into having to sleep with him in his.

Camerawoman Magdalena Gorka asked for $ 2.5 million and said Affleck ‘dead drunk’ crawled into bed in the middle of the night, cuddling and kissing her while she slept, dressed only in her underwear. The actor had problems with alcohol, but since 2013 he has been completely sober.


Both cases have been resolved by out-of-court settlements, the details of which have remained secret, but while some defend Affleck, others stand behind his victims and refuse to cooperate with the actor or pay tribute to him.

According to media, his brother, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez bought a spectacular building on the Bel Air, and cashed in an incredible $ 50 million for the new villa! The couple decided on a property of 1800 square meters, which has a villa with 10 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, but also a home theater, gym, several kitchens, swimming pool, service area. The approach to the house itself is impressive and different: it is built in a circular model and looks just like in all the villas from Hollywood movies, which belong to rich American families.