Elon Musk's electric truck was criticized

Although the Tesla Semi electric truck looks fantastic, drivers are not convinced of its practicality.

Dec 18, 2022 - 14:24
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Elon Musk's electric truck was criticized

Tesla delivered the first Semi trucks to customers, three years late. The specifications of the electric truck are undeniably remarkable, so potential customers may read on paper that this vehicle has an 800-kilometer range, a new 1,000-volt drive architecture, and a variety of software capabilities that make the task easier. Of course, Tesla's car must delight its intended audience - truck drivers.

However, not all drivers appear to be as enthusiastic, with the best example being Polish trucker Tomasz Orinski, whose tweet criticizing the Tesla Semi truck went viral.

"I'm going to tell you why (the Tesla Semi) is a completely stupid vehicle, and I'm not going to talk about its payload or anything. I'm just going to deal with the cabin from a practicality standpoint," Orinski begins.

The middle seat is a problem

"The driver sits in the middle. This makes it difficult to overtake or look into the distance, and it also makes it difficult to reach out the window to hand over paperwork or talk to the guy at the gate when entering a port or a factory - or at a toll booth," explains Orinski.

The door position is not good

"The door is at the back. You get in, hang your coat, then walk a few steps to get behind the wheel. This basically means you're losing cabin space to the hallway. You can't put a bed there for the driver to rest on, because that's where the door is - and if you want to exit from the right side, you have to jump over the passenger seat that connects to the driver's seat, so you can't just walk in front of it like you can in a regular cab. Sometimes you have to exit from the right side - I'm today he had to because the snow was deep on the left side," continues the Pole.

If you are not clear about the position of the passenger seat and why it has to be skipped, watch the video to get a better impression of the interior:

A dirtier cabin

"The fact that you have to walk around the cabin means it's going to be full of mud. The good thing about getting directly into the driver's seat is that you can shake off the snow or mud when you climb in, and even if your boots are still dirty, just a small patch of the floor in front of the driver's seat it gets dirty. Also, you can take your boots off there and then walk around the rest of the cabin barefoot, because it stays clean. Not in a Tesla truck - unless you want to change your boots every time you get into the cabin, which would be really stupid.", says the driver.

Awkward windshield and strange mirrors

Orinski did not stop there, saying that the tilted windshield is also a major issue. "You know how you have to clear the snow off your car's windshield? Try it at a height of three meters; if the glass is vertical, snow will not be an issue ".

The Polish trucker also mentioned that the cabin will heat up faster owing to the configuration of the windscreen. "You can remedy it by turning on the air conditioner, of course, but that will draw significantly more current and reduce the range".

Mirrors are not left out of Orinsky's presentation either: "The cabin tapers forward, and the mirrors have to be able to see out the back. That means they have to be on really long arms, so you can't sit in the driver's or passenger's seat, open the window, and clean them." when they get dirty. You can't get to them from the inside, and you can't get to them from the outside because they're too high. "

"The bottom line is that this vehicle is a toy for rich boys, and not a practical, working vehicle because its designers have no idea about the reality of transportation," concluded Tomaš Orinski.

Post by Bryan C.