Famous people who were kidnapped

These are stars who were kidnapped for unknown reasons by their ex-lovers or disturbed fans who were obsessed with them...

Famous people who were kidnapped

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These are stars who were kidnapped for unknown reasons by their ex-lovers or disturbed fans who were obsessed with them...

Although the life of celebrities seems easy and fun to many, it is not always so. Living great life, surrounded by splendor and wealth, having everything you want seems like a dream come true. Some worked hard to acquire everything they had, some became rich by sheer luck, and some simply inherited wealth and never had to worry about money. While they may not have to think about that financial moment, that doesn’t mean they don’t have many other concerns in mind. Living a famous and rich life can incur the anger of all those who might want to get your shoes, your car, or your money. And that can create serious concerns.

Many celebrities are often concerned for the safety of not only themselves but also their loved ones. This is a common concern that plagues celebrities, who are often attacked by various people. Not only those who hate them are able to harm them, but often those who love them can do so. You probably didn't know that these celebrities were kidnapped in real life.

Kim Kardashian 

In 2016, Kim Kardashian visited the capital of France, Paris. She was with her sisters, which aroused great interest among many of their fans. One night Kim decided to stay in a hotel room while her sisters went to a party. However, maybe it was better that she also went to the party because what followed was the most terrible thing that Kim experienced in her life.

She was lying in a hotel room, and then burglars dressed as police officers entered. They forced the doorman to open Kim's room, and then they caught her, tied her up, and covered her mouth with duct tape, after which they took all her money and jewelry, and then left her in the bathtub. She felt fear for her own life.


Madonna and Sean Penn were married in 1980 and their relationship was very turbulent. They went through many difficult moments. The situation culminated in December 1989, when Madonna was found tied up on New Year's Eve, with her mouth closed and severely beaten. The media wrote that her husband Sean Penn kept her in captivity for several days. Reports say that Penn was drunk at the time, which is why he raised his usual aggressive tirades to a higher level.

Allegedly, the singer was tied up to a chair, degraded, and severely beaten. There are hospital and police reports, and statements of friends of this mega-popular star, which give the impression that it really happened. But Madonna came out years later and denied that it ever happened. Maybe she was covering for Penn because then it could be heard that the couple had renewed their relationship. What the real truth is may never be known.

George Clooney 

Okay, this wasn't a real kidnapping per se, but it was certainly a temptation to kidnap, from which George Clooney was lucky enough to escape unharmed. In 2007, he was in the Sudanese capital, Darfur, filming a documentary on genocide in the region. Clooney is known for drawing attention to regions of the world that are facing difficult times.

The truck of Clooney and his crew was stopped in the middle of nowhere, and they were all kept on target. They were detained by a ten-year-old soldier who ordered them to get out of the truck, and then more children soldiers appeared, who stole what they could from the vehicle. They tried to put them back in the truck and drive them away, essentially kidnapping them, but then, satisfied with what they got, they left them and moved on.

Jessica Alba

Here is another really bizarre incident, the one that happened to Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. While filming on “Flipper” sets at the time, Jessica started getting a bunch of really weird calls. She didn't think about it, she attributed it to a crazy fan, but things soon became very serious.

She was abducted from filming and disappeared around 2 p.m. When she was finally found, she was tied up in the trunk of a car. There was no evidence that this was an actual abduction. There were no arrests, and when asked about the incident, Jessica herself could not provide any information to the police. The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, and many thought that Jessica herself was involved in it. This strange incident is attributed to a perverted teenager who pretended to be in a kidnapping fantasy - again, unofficially, of course.