Feng Shui forecast for June 2022!

Determine in which sector the room where you spend the most time is located, and then find out how it will affect you and what changes you can make:

May 31, 2022 - 18:29
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Feng Shui forecast for June 2022!

Feng Shui experts point out which sectors of the house will be most affected by June energy. Determine in which sector the room where you spend the most time is located, and then find out how it will affect you and what changes you can make:

North - Those who are often in this sector will have ambitious and somewhat adventurous thoughts. The North will give an active impetus to all things! So listen and watch out for new opportunities, but don’t get too carried away! The northern part of the house in June will be favorable for all types of activations.

The Southwest is quite "problematic". Frequent stays in the southwestern sector can bring confusion, dissatisfaction, and passing whims. It can be a waste of money and a waste of your time.


The southern part of the home brings problems with concentration and slowness in business. If you often stay in this part, then this month we recommend you to slow down and rest more often. Feng Shui experts point out that you can reduce negative energy in the southern part of the home by using objects and colors that belong to the metal element (gold, silver, white, mirror, metal decoration, wind catcher...)

The East is very unfavorable, it brings with it sudden problems. To correct negative energy, you can put feng shui Chinese coins. If your front door is in the eastern sector, then it is advisable to hang a wind catcher this month. Avoid risky businesses, do not take dubious loans, and do not borrow significant amounts of money.

The Northeast is promoting financial growth this month thanks to the mind, intellect, and new knowledge. All this will be appreciated. If the study is in the northeastern sector or you work the most in this part, success is expected.

The western part of the house promotes bright ideas. It is great for presentations, advertising, and PR. Especially useful for those who are engaged in public appearances, but it is not favorable for health and relationships. In this sector of the house, feng shui experts recommend putting products made of stone, ceramics, and decorative crystals to attract money.

The Northwest is very good this month! People who actively use the Northwest will visit tempting opportunities for reputation and career growth! Stay here more often and get active in the field of work.

The Southeast brings career opportunities through discipline and the urge to get things done. However, there may be energy conflicts in this sector. In order to more successfully negotiate with superiors and resolve all issues through diplomacy, water is favorable here as an element, as is the Moon. Here you can place pictures of the Moon and water.