Microsoft Edge will get data from Chrome

Microsoft Edge will get data from Chrome

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Microsoft has never given up on reaching the greatest number of consumers possible. Assuming that utilizing its own engine, whether Trident or EdgeHTML, was a mistake and banking on the standard by competing in functionality and services has helped to turn the negative reputation that both Internet Explorer and the original Edge had for years.

And they have been in those since the modification was made. Adding fascinating features and attempting to claw some of the market shares of the great Google Chrome, which has been unchanged in this area for years. Of course, this is not unique to Microsoft Edge; all browsers point in the same direction, but Microsoft has the advantage of being part of Windows, which makes it a bit simpler for them.

And, given that the aim is Google Chrome, what could be better than making the transfer to Microsoft Edge as simple as possible for Google Chrome users? The advent of the initial versions of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, which allowed us to integrate not only the classic elements (bookmarks and others) but also the extensions and other elements of the Google browser, was the first step in this direction.

And now, as we can see in Windows Latest, Microsoft Edge takes another step in that manner by introducing the ability to continuously pull data from Google Chrome. As a result, whenever you launch the Microsoft browser, it will attempt to mimic the last known state of Chrome. If you have seven websites open in Chrome, for example, Microsoft Edge will be able to recognize them and enable you to continue precisely where you left off… But, of course, with Edge. Furthermore, it will search for and detect new bookmarks and other similar items in order to import them.

This new feature is obviously optional; users will be able to activate and disable it at their leisure, and it appears to be a very wise move, as it simplifies the process for individuals who have been considering using Microsoft Edge for some time. They will be able to flip between both browsers and recover what they were doing in the browser in this manner. A new step in Microsoft's browser strategy, demonstrating that the shift in approach was not in vain and pointing to a positive future for it.