"Gaslit": The great chemistry between Sean Penn and Julia Roberts

Sean Penn and Julia Roberts in the series "Gaslit", which talks about the Watergate affair from a completely new angle, play the married couple Mitchell.

Jun 6, 2022 - 12:44
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"Gaslit": The great chemistry between Sean Penn and Julia Roberts

These two famous actors managed to portray the married couple Mitchell with great success, the couple who influenced the course of US history. Their marriage was both great and horrible, full of love and hate. Sean and Julia managed to establish special chemistry during the filming and transfer all the layering, chemistry, and electricity that was constantly present in the relationship of this married couple.

Martha Mitchell was the first woman troublemaker, while her husband John, Richard Nixon's attorney general, tried to cover up the Watergate affair. Nixon claimed much later that the affair would never have been revealed without Martha. –“Their marriage was like Watergate” - says Robbie Pickering, creator of the "Gaslit" series.

John Mitchell, Nixon's attorney general, had a bad reputation before this affair, as did his marriage. “The marriage of John and Mitchell was fun to watch, but in essence, it was terrible” - says the creator of this series.

To describe the weight of this marriage, Pickering made no easy comparison. “Fascism is a lot of fun in the beginning. That's why people do it” - Packer explains the weight of a relationship. The series is actually focused on two couples, and the main couple is the one played by Sean Penn and Julia Roberts. One of the first scenes that introduces the complexity of the whole relationship and story is when Attorney General John catches his wife giving an unauthorized interview. John believes that his wife was jealous of Nixon's attitude towards her husband.

We can see how John Mitchell adores his wife and at the same time, also hates her. It is so funny, sad and tragic, and romantic at the same time” - explains the creator of the series. Showing the glory of Martha in the seventies in the right way (which was better known than Nixon), was a challenge that could only be solved by good casting. That is why the creator of the series believes that Julia Roberts, who is one the most famous actress for 30 years, was the best choice.