Google Pixel Watch with Wear OS 3.1 is close

Apr 15, 2022 - 20:34
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Google Pixel Watch with Wear OS 3.1 is close

Although Google has never been known for its ability to keep unpublished product information secret, the mythical Pixel Watch could break some sort of record by leaking in all its glory (allegedly) more than a year ago without being in the meantime. official.

It seems to us that new evidence unearthed by Leakster Evan Blas suggests that "Pixel Rohan" with Wear OS 3.1 is finally close. If mentioning the OS was not enough to reveal the identity of this device, we should point out that "Rohan" has long been talked about as the internal code name of Google's first smartwatch of its own brand.

Of course, today's discovery means that there is still a (theoretical) chance that the Big G will eventually adopt something else as an official marketing label for its brave beginner's attempt to compete with the flagship line of the Apple Watch.

Perhaps more importantly, we can now be almost certain that Pixel Watch will introduce a new version of the Wear OS platform that is unlikely to bring radical changes to the table compared to last year’s 3.0 release.

All of this makes perfect sense if you ask us because Google definitely needs some new software stuff to help get the first-generation Pixel Watch as much attention as possible while it has little left in the plan in terms of major improvements after joining forces with Samsung to re-launch Wear OS on Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic.

It remains to be seen whether the recent rumors about the July postponement could prove to be incorrect, given that Google is already working on "interactive tutorials" for the first users of "Pixel Rohan". 

If so, we could see the Pixel Watch officially unveiled at the start of the 2022 I / O conference on May 11, with a commercial release (at least in limited numbers) to appear by the end of the same month, Phonearena reports.

A Google I / O teaser followed by a full announcement in July and a presentation to users later in the summer or even late October is also possible, but with someone as well connected, well informed, and trusted as Evan Blass telling us it “won’t be long”, we can certainly afford to dream of a launch that will take place very soon.