Google Search ends support for Internet Explorer 11

Google Search is saying goodbye to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11

Google Search ends support for Internet Explorer 11

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The announcement of the end of support for Internet Explorer 11 Internet browser on June 15, 2022, Google Search has made developers around the world thrilled.  They will finally no longer have to bother with one of Microsoft's worst but also the most widespread products in history.

Well, it's about time! Namely, at the moment, IE11 is used by 1.32 percent of Windows users, so there is no point in keeping it "alive", especially since there are a number of alternatives.

Also, this does not mean that Internet Explorer 11 users will lose the ability to perform searches. No, the end of support only means that they will no longer receive updates for searches, so they will not be completely accurate, precise, and up to date. But it is not that they will be useless.

Interestingly, Google targeted June 15 next year because then Microsoft also removes IE11 from all Windows 10 versions, except in Enterprise with the Long Term Servicing Channel. So, even a small group of users of an unpopular browser is not left without it completely.

As for the later transition, Google notes that Workspace apps will work normally when migrating from IE11 to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Consequently, from a technical point of view, no one is damaged. As for the emotional aspect... That's something else.

And when we talk about market share, it seems that Microsoft will not achieve the results it has achieved with Internet Explorer throughout history so quickly. Namely, according to StatCounter, Edge is at 8.75 percent market share, far behind Chrome, which has 67 percent. When looking at the United States, Chrome is at 61 percent, Safari at 17.37 percent, and Edge at a slightly better 11.72 percent share.

But that at least means it’s in second place globally because Firefox is at 7.93 percent. In the US, Firefox is at 6.07 percent.

By: Helen B.