Hailey Bieber about pregnancy rumors

Apr 6, 2022 - 01:46
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Hailey Bieber about pregnancy rumors

Hailey Bieber is placing her family's rumors to rest. Since her marriage to Justin Bieber, the model has been the subject of pregnancy rumors, which have surfaced on and off. The couple's marriage has been dogged by rumors of pregnancy since their 2020 weddings – though they have been officially married since 2018 – and inquisitive fans have been wondering when they will expand their family. The current allegations follow the Biebers' most recent appearance, at the star-studded 2022 Grammy Awards, which were staged in Las Vegas for the first time.

Hailey looked great in a white strapless gown with a straight and simple flow, dressed with a low-key braid and sparkling diamond necklaces for the historic musical night, when the Peaches singer performed. In an enormous gray Balenciaga suit with big crocs, a hot pink beanie, and little sunglasses, her spouse looked avant-garde. Fabulous as Hailey might have appeared, her look of course came with yet another round of maternity speculations, and she simply won't stand it.When a news headline on Instagram read, "Fans are certain Hailey Bieber is pregnant after she walks the Grammys red carpet in a flowing gown with Justin Bieber," she quickly debunked the allegations. "I'm not pregnant, so don't bother me," the actress swiftly stated.. Fans and celebrities alike praised her for sticking up for herself and her limits, with E! News personality Morgan Stewart writing: "So [crap] obnoxious," and the Kardashians' close friend Stephanie Shepherd adding: "It's really ridiculous."

Fans also remarked on Justin's oversized clothing, jokingly writing: ""No one suspected HE was pregnant with that jumbo oversized suit? I will not be shocked if some were reassured Justin Bieber is pregnant too because of his wardrobe," and "No one suspected HE was pregnant with that super sized overly large suit?" "It seems to be perfect for hiding a pregnant belly." Model and wife of Canadian musician Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, recently made her first outing to a gala event after suffering a stroke. Namely, she walked the red carpet of the Vanity Fair party organized after the Oscars. Although she then appeared unaccompanied, Justin walked hand in hand with her at yesterday’s Grammy Awards.