Love story of Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber was filmed on vacation in Italy with his girlfriend Taylor Neisen.

Love story of Liev Schreiber

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Liev Schreiber, 54, is enjoying a romantic trip with his 24-year-younger girlfriend Taylor Neisen, and the beginning of their relationship has been a bit controversial.

The actor, who is known to many for his leading role in the hit series 'Ray Donovan', doesn't separate from the beautiful blonde in Italy. The paparazzi filmed the couple taking a boat ride in Venice and several times at a restaurant. It can be noticed that they do not take the smile off their faces and that they are more in love than ever.

By the way, Liev and Taylor met while she was the nanny to his sons Kai (13) and Sasha (14). He got them with Naomi Watts (53). Schreiber and Watts broke up in 2016 after 11 years of relationship and the actor quickly found happiness with Taylor. Naomi didn’t mourn the breakup for long either, and in 2017 she began a relationship with actor Billy Crudup, 53.

The former couple Liev and Naomi also attracted attention with their upbringing of sons. The actor came to the premiere of the series ‘Stranger Things’ last month with his son Kai who was dressed in a dress, and as always, there were those who ‘honored’ him with ugly comments because of it. But his parents have always been supportive and they ignored the criticism. Namely, Naomi and Liev, who remained in a great relationship after the break-up, said that they do not want to limit their sons in dressing and that fashion is just a concept.

Kai often wears dresses, and he once attracted attention while he was in public in the costume of Harley Quinn, a comic book heroine. He especially loves to dress in pink clothes with which he combines jewelry, and he also has long hair.

That the public is not so liberal was shown by the sad move of his mother who used to frequently share photos with her sons on Instagram, but when Kai found herself as the target of terrible insults, she began to reduce posts to a minimum because she wanted to avoid embarrassing comments and insults against her son. 

Post By: Vanessa F.