HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge

Mar 14, 2022 - 15:29
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HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge

HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single service in a fashion that has yet to be completed, but which, according to early indications, would be done under the same roof, bringing together both content offerings to make the proposition as appealing to the consumer as possible.

The acquisition of WarnerMedia by Discovery, rather than the other way around, explains what this movement is all about. Discovery purchased WarnerMedia from the American telecoms behemoth AT&T for $43 billion in a deal that is still pending completion but is considered for granted.

Thus, Discovery will acquire not only HBO Max, but also the complete conglomerate of enterprises that remained under the wing of WarnerMedia, including not only HBO Max, but also TNT, Cartoon Network, DC Comics, and CNN, in addition to Warner Bros.

Discovery Communications, Inc., a corporation recognized for its reality television networks such as the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Food Network, and a lengthy list of others, adds a fresh twist to its product in this way.

The purchase agreement was announced in the middle of last year, but it will not become official until the middle of this year, pending approval from regulatory authorities. The move, however, is expected to serve no other function than to complete the transaction.

The underlying question is what will become of everything WarnerMedia has and its fate under a company whose only product is a reality in many different forms, although spending so much money on an acquisition that includes historical names such as Warner, a true home of the seventh art that will celebrate its one-hundredth anniversary next year, does not seem likely.

According to Gunnar Wiedenfels, Discovery's CFO, the form question is clearer: "One of the most essential factors here is that we believe in a combined product rather than a package… We believe that the breadth and depth of this content offering will provide a tremendous value proposition to consumers."

As a result, many people are asking if the merger will take place under the banner of Discovery or, more likely, HBO Max. In both circumstances, video-on-demand platforms may be found practically anywhere in the world.

Will the subscription fee increase once the platform created by the merger is completed? It is also raised, despite the fact that there is a wealth of data available.