How To Change Hairstyle Without Hairdresser

Mar 2, 2022 - 12:42
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How To Change Hairstyle Without Hairdresser

Below we bring you 5 hairstyles that you can do yourself, without going to the hairdresser.

There is no question that we will rely on fashion accessories to create an everyday trendy appearance in spring and summer, and we have chosen to extend this practice to the world of hairstyles.

You're probably familiar with Blair Waldorf's style from the Gossip Girl series, where one of her trademarks was a simple hair accessory or the wildly popular huge braids. Raffles dominated the fashion world of accessories during those years, but the resurrection of this style has brought us many more hair decorations such as scarves, bows, and hairpins in recent years.

Hairstyles that offer a distinct look will be the most desirable and beautiful this spring and summer. This is a game where colors, accessories, and length are all permitted, if not preferred! We are certain that the samples below will provide you with firsthand knowledge of current hair trends and assist you in deciding which hairstyle to wear this summer.

1 A ponytail that will emphasize volume

With the use of an iron or curling iron, separate strands around 5 cm thick and twist each into gentle waves. Using a brush, carefully pull your hair back into a ponytail. To hide the rubber band, put a scarf or scrunchie rubber band around the tail next to the head. Lift the tail up and softly comb with a bristle brush, to produce a light tapping and separate the waves, and use a volume spray if you want more volume.

2 Stars in the hair

Make a parting and fasten one side with hairpins with stars to remove hair from the face; you will look delicate and romantic.

3 Wet hair look

This hairstyle will necessitate the use of a comb brush to comb your hair back and beautifully. To do this, use a hairdryer. Apply enough hair styling gel to your palms to equal the size of a penny. Then, starting at the roots, distribute the gel throughout your hair with your fingertips. Finally, spritz the hairdo with hairspray to keep it in place.

4 Beach Waves decorated with interesting hairpins

Use an iron to create beach waves in shorter hair so that the hair is organically broken. Tilt your head down and shake all of your hair forward, then use talcum powder or dry shampoo to absorb all of the oils. When putting your hair back in place, style it and form a parting where you want it, then add some ornamental hairpins.

5 Loose braid-bun + decorative hairpins 

Tie a low tail to the neck itself at the bottom of the head. To halve the tail, knit a tight braid - or fish braid. Stretch the braid slightly with your fingers after you've knotted it with an elastic band and begin wrapping it like a bun. Tie the bun so that the tail ends are loose, as seen in the photo. Finally, add some unusual hairpins to your style.